Week 207: We Read Up, Go Euro, and Look to Unlock

  1. Chris dB Social Media Staff Member Dec 1, 2017

    Chris dB, Dec 1, 2017 :
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    The weeks leading up to a product launch are some of the most intense we know, but they’re no more intense than the weeks that follow a launch. When the first comments appear on the forums, initial sales numbers start trickling in, and the biggest reviewers let loose, there’s a lot to be excited about at HQ. Now that more and more people are using the OnePlus 5T as their daily driver, we’re starting to see how our latest flagship holds up over extended use. It’s been a pretty smooth ride so far. our well of stories has far from dried up. In this Weekly Update, we take a look at a few more fan reviews, tour Europe, and the face is the place.

    7 Days with Reevester
    The Lab has yielded some of the finest OnePlus reviews on the web, and @reevester ’s look at the OnePlus 5T belongs in the Lab’s hall of fame. As a OnePlus user since the OnePlus One, Reevester knows exactly what make our devices tick and he dug right into the nitty gritty with the OnePlus 5T. If you’re looking for a second opinion to help you determine whether the OnePlus 5T is the smartphone for you, check out his review.

    Around Europe
    In last week’s update, we talked about our pop-ups around Europe. This week, we went one better with an all-new Eurotour that took us to some of the biggest cities on the continent. With dozens of fans, top influencers, a few drinks, and a truck-load of swag, we travelled around the UK, France, Germany, and Italy. Couldn’t make it to our stops? Here’s the full recap for a taste of the action.

    Look to Unlock

    When we told you you’d be able to unlock your OnePlus 5T in 0.4 seconds using Face Unlock, it might not have made much sense. After all, what is 0.4 seconds really? Now that the OnePlus 5T is finally in your hands, we no longer have to try to explain how fast it really is. You can just try it for yourself to find out. A lot of people did, just look at this compilation of reactions we puzzled together. BAM!

    Into the Lab with Black Forest Ham
    How much style can you fit into a 25-second unboxing? A lot, as proven by @Black Forest Ham in his operatic unboxing video. It’s a killer opening to his Lab review, one that’s dripping with flair, but it’s bound to be hard to maintain that level of quality throughout the review, right? Not if you’re Black Forest Ham, who has delivered one of the slickest Lab reviews we’ve ever seen. Ready to be impressed? Be sure to take a look in his thread.

    Since its launch, a lot has been said about the OnePlus 5T’s Dual Camera. Our team is still sifting through some of the opinions that have come in from all over the internet, but the feedback that is most important to us is yours. So before we leave you, we’d liked to ask: what have your experiences with the OnePlus 5T Dual Camera been like so far? Let us know in the comments below. We look forward to hearing what you have to say! Enjoy your weekend.

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  4. G_plusone KitKat Dec 1, 2017

    G_plusone, Dec 1, 2017 :
    Black Forest Ham's videos were amazing.
    You should also include that you have stopped the Oneplus 3/3T OOS 5.0 Oreo rollout :D

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    Black Forest Ham, Dec 1, 2017 :
    Thanks for the shoutout! Last part is coming out almost immediately, I hope it lives up to your expectations! :D

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  8. eye842 Jelly Bean Dec 1, 2017

    eye842, Dec 1, 2017 :
    I seriously dislike Youtube reviewers a lot but that face unlock video remix is :eek:

    ....and nice comeback Chris ;)

    Could have mentioned the top 100 referral list and their free backpack but that can be saved for when they are shipped out.
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  10. meatandy Marshmallow Dec 1, 2017

    meatandy, Dec 1, 2017 :
    Feel free to check out the recents page from time to time you will see plenty of dual camera produced pictures.o_O

    Don't you want to mention the big red elephant in the room?

  11. Chris dB Social Media Staff Member Dec 1, 2017

    Chris dB, Dec 1, 2017 :
    Oh, that's a pretty hot elephant. Someone should say something. ;)

    Not looking for pictures (necessarily, we're always looking for pictures), just thoughts and experiences. A mini camera review, if you will.

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  12. Alvie The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviewer Dec 1, 2017

    Alvie, Dec 1, 2017 :
    Why's that? YouTube's one of my favourite forms because it's easier for me to keep attention lol

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    azzzulikz966, Dec 1, 2017 :
    Short weekly update, good thing to add @Black Forest Ham' video review. Has it not been some time since One Plus arranged a Photo contest, I have a feeling that's up next after the #7dayreviewchallenge

  15. Oliver Lutz Froyo Dec 1, 2017

    Oliver Lutz, Dec 1, 2017 :
    Of course they recommend a review which does not contain OOS and no complaint about lack of treble support. I'm curious why this reviewer is not listed in "The Lab - OnePlus 5T Reviews Roundup!"

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    SimonRam, Dec 1, 2017 :
    Missed that, when did they stop?
    I'm preferring it to the last update of nougat.

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    G_plusone, Dec 1, 2017 :
    Since Yesterday :D
    OTA to Oreo is no longer available

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  20. jimmmysil Froyo Dec 1, 2017

    jimmmysil, Dec 1, 2017 :
    As you will notice in op official forums there are several topics complaining about the camera. Op5t camera needs a lot of improvement in low light situations and is not even close to the quality you guys advertised during the launch event. Photos are having a lot of noise and seems even worse than op5 which doesn't have the second dedicated low light camera lens.

    HDR+ in most cases (low light and day light) makes things worse and most of the ppl as they mention in op forums including me are disabling it for better results.

    Many of us use a modded version of Google camera to take decent photos in low light situations and of course since it's not official it comes with a lot of bugs for the time being. it is really frustrate to relay on 3d party unofficial apps when it comes to photography and sadly we have to, since op5t camera is performing very low at the moment.

    also it will be great addition guys if you manage to include portrait mode in in selfie camera!
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