Week 191: We Shoot Portraits, Get Sliced Up, and Tell a Story

  1. Chris dB Social Media Staff Member Aug 11, 2017

    Chris dB, Aug 11, 2017 :
    Before I joined OnePlus, I settled for cheap lollipops at the convenience store, now I only lick artisanal handmade lollipops. How do you live the Never Settle dream in your daily life? Today, the Weekly Update teaches us how to Never Settle, by going for golden moments instead of silver moments, getting cursed instead of getting unlucky, and taking photos of a psychopath with a chainsaw instead of a… You know what? We probably shouldn’t have done that. Let’s get right to it.

    A Soft Spot
    Before the release of the OnePlus 5 Soft Gold, @diegohnz put a cap on the number of golden puns (1) I could weave into my copy. This is a golden opportunity (2) to rectify that, because when it comes to puns I always go for the gold (3). For people who had been waiting to get their hands on our latest flagship in a more elegant shade, this launch may feel a little like finding the pot of gold (4) at the end of the rainbow. We’re well aware that not all that glistens is gold (5), that’s why our shade of Soft Gold is a little more subdued in its elegance. Total score: 5! Who can do better?

    On Product
    A lot of work goes into the development of a product. The people who get up with the sun every morning, and settle back into bed long after the sunset, make all of this possible. @Vito L. , the product manager behind the OnePlus 5, just so happens to be @David Y. .’s gym buddy. So, we decided to launch a couple of questions in the direction of our resident product brainiac. Check out the full interview now.

    Story time
    Back in May of this year, one user started her long and arduous journey to get her own OnePlus 5. We’re often amazed by the sheer perseverance and dedication of some of our fans. The effort @Mahiafatima put into her purchase is incredible, and her story is well worth reading. We didn’t want to share her story with the rest of the community, until we got a happy ending to go with it. So, we’re happy to announce that after all her troubles she did finally get her hands on her device. Congratulations!

    Fear the Curse
    Generally, HQ presents a mellow, light-hearted environment filled with like-minded spirits. Things took a turn for the worse recently. Shortly after we received news that some of our friends in EU ended up on the wrong side of a Chainsaw, we started experiencing some deeply troubling events of our own. One could go so far as to say that the OnePlus forums are cursed! The curse of the great threads continues to wreak havoc in off-topic in the form of this fun horror thread by @SJBoss .

    Portraits with Kevin Abosch
    Some of you may know Kevin Abosch from his world-famous portrait of a potato, proving once and for all that portraits aren’t just for people. We caught up with the portrait photography specialist for an enervating video. Watch it now for some exclusive tips to help you step up your portraits, gain greater insight into the work of Kevin Abosch.

    Before we leave you this week, we’ve prepared a quick question for you to answer.

    What’s your preferred type of product packaging, and what kinds of product packaging would you like to see from us in the future? (Boxes, bags, types of materials, etc.)

    Thanks for reading everyone! That’s all for this week. We’ll see you next week with an all-new Weekly Update. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. dsmonteiro Lollipop Community Expert Aug 11, 2017

    dsmonteiro, Aug 11, 2017 :
    Is that an actual thing?

    I personally prefer boxes that are as eco-friendly as possible: recyclable, biodegradable materials with the smallest size footprint possible so they can be efficiently shipped in bulk.

    If there's one thing OnePlus has always done right, it's packaging!

  3. Areebanwar Gingerbread Aug 11, 2017

    Areebanwar, Aug 11, 2017 :
    In my honest opinion, nothing beats the packing of the first OnePlus device-the OnePlus One!

    Happy weekend OnePlus! :D

  4. SJBoss Jelly Bean Aug 11, 2017

  5. theshinybeast Lollipop Aug 11, 2017

  6. Sai926 Donut Aug 11, 2017

  7. varma246 KitKat Aug 11, 2017

    varma246, Aug 11, 2017 :
    TBH.... that video is crap, blood(may be jelly) is coming from body and he's still offering op5.
    That video really remember me this epic scene in Gardien of the Galaxy vol 2:tearsofjoy:

    See below reply for your question:rolleyes:
    One Time is enough, i think @Zero.Li .
    You people ask, to prove someone's taste is bad..isn't it:cool:
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  8. youbi Portuguese POC Assistant Head Moderator Aug 11, 2017

    youbi, Aug 11, 2017 :
    All the unboxings I have done of the oneplus devices felt great. But to be honest, the first one (opo), was definitely more special. Not sure if because it was a more flat box were you could see everything right away, or if it was just because of teh magic of the invites hunt, but the truth is that that one feels more unforgettable (even the smell the box had to the sandstone case stayed in memory. :D )

    I think you might have missed the point of that video.

    That movie is an homage to the lovers of cheesy teen 80s-90's horror movies, were it was all about having fun and laugh at the characters stupid moves. And this video is simple but does it right. :sweatsmile: This article about it sums it up pretty well.


    Personally I like this one was done just right, (the same I can't say about the 007 video :neutral: ). :sweatsmile:

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  9. G_plusone Jelly Bean Aug 11, 2017

    G_plusone, Aug 11, 2017 :
    That poor Woman though :oops:

  10. varma246 KitKat Aug 11, 2017

    varma246, Aug 11, 2017 :
    Really, forget about that movies.
    (may be some people know it not the majority).
    People will found that video when searching for op5 in YT and the first word coming from his/her mouth is.....(you know those words are sensored here).:rolleyes:

    It's too over for sure...(you want me to create poll thread about it prove that is crap);):D

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  11. pa5t1s Lollipop Aug 11, 2017

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  12. youbi Portuguese POC Assistant Head Moderator Aug 11, 2017

    youbi, Aug 11, 2017 :
    To be honest I think people just need to see it with the same spirit they saw the cheesy teen 80s-90's horror movies, its not to be serious, nor exact. Its just to be funny, and that I certainly think they accomplished. :p

    But I guess that everyone that hates that sort of movies will simply hate that ad also. :p For those, they can always see the one @Adam Krisko and Carlo made about how to root your Oneplus phone. It doesn't get more serious than this... :p :D ;)


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  13. varma246 KitKat Aug 11, 2017

    varma246, Aug 11, 2017 :
    :D:tearsofjoy::D. Ikr

    But it's helpful:rolleyes:

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  14. youbi Portuguese POC Assistant Head Moderator Aug 11, 2017

    youbi, Aug 11, 2017 :
    I know is not hepfull, but at least this one is funny. :p And in a quick search for talks about that video, it seems that the "media" that talked about it in a good way, so I guess that means they must have done it right. :sweatsmile:




    Personally I would take this one over the "lick of love" video everyday. :tonguewink:

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  15. runboy93 Jelly Bean Aug 11, 2017

    runboy93, Aug 11, 2017 :
    OxygenOS 4.1.7?

  16. Ranjithsmart Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 11, 2017

    Ranjithsmart, Aug 11, 2017 :
    Oneplus is also taking short film? nice keep it up! ;)

  17. sfomin Marshmallow Aug 11, 2017

    sfomin, Aug 11, 2017 :
    i disagree. people should really see it for how retarded it is [​IMG]

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  18. youbi Portuguese POC Assistant Head Moderator Aug 11, 2017

    youbi, Aug 11, 2017 :
    And that's what made those glorious horror cheesy movies of the 80s-90's so special. ;)

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  19. sfomin Marshmallow Aug 11, 2017

    sfomin, Aug 11, 2017 :
    nice pun [​IMG] "special" indeed

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  20. Mahiafatima Froyo Aug 11, 2017

    Mahiafatima, Aug 11, 2017 :
    thank you
    Personally I loved the packaging of the OnePlus 5 the logo on the front of the box is so cool with the tiny + signs. For the packaging for the tempered glass, I wished they added rubbing alcohol along too, I haven't bought the bags so I can't say but they look good, very good.

    What’s your preferred type of product packaging, and what kinds of product packaging would you like to see from us in the future? (Boxes, bags, types of materials, etc.)