[Video] Official 4K Video Test From The One!

  1. Martinrm

    Martinrm Level: Jelly Bean

    Hey guys,

    I am back with another OnePlus One submission! This time with a highly request 4K video sample. Make sure you change the resolution to 4k before watching because your computer won't automatically select it. Enjoy! More videos coming soon, i will be appending to this thread like i did with the picture thread.

    Note: You are going to want to open the video in a new tab, you cannot select the resolution when the video is embedded in the forums like it automatically did when i posted the link.
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  2. Meleagru

    Meleagru Level: Gingerbread

    That video is great for pooping. Very relaxing.
  3. linkinmark5

    linkinmark5 Level: Éclair

    While that is amazing I'm curious how quickly 4k will eat my storage. This phone just keeps getting better and its not even released yet!
  4. kensuko

    kensuko Guest

    The quality is amazing
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  5. Martinrm

    Martinrm Level: Jelly Bean

    4K Takes up a lot of storage haha. 1Min is about 300mb. All though it is nice having the ability to shoot 4k even though not many devices can truely play back in 4K haha.
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  6. xaser240

    xaser240 Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    Any else catch the ant in the video, great quality
  7. dBm

    dBm Level: KitKat

    First thought that came to mind:

    Bloody hell, is that a phone?
  8. Vinay S P

    Vinay S P Level: Jelly Bean

    i may take an hour to watch this video at 4k on my internet connection
  9. welberger

    welberger Level: Doughnut

    That is stunning - no kidding!!! I don't know what to say.
  10. AngelusNovus

    AngelusNovus Level: Froyo

    That looks incredible, easily the best video I've seen taken with a phone.
  11. nikunj

    nikunj Level: Jelly Bean

    Awesome Video....!!!! Great quality....1+1
  12. Mirzaghalib

    Mirzaghalib Level: Honeycomb

    Which you cannot do anyway since you prob don't have a 4k screen.
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  13. Edu

    Edu Level: Jelly Bean

  14. leoleoli

    leoleoli Level: Cupcake

    the quality is just crazy, how is it pooooooooosible?
  15. KyleVPirate

    KyleVPirate Level: Jelly Bean

    That is cool. But I still think all is the 4k stuff is a gimmick as of right now! Got to emphasize that, as of right now. 1080p is goof for the average Joe. Not like the tech hogs
  16. vixnox79

    vixnox79 Level: Jelly Bean

  17. nikunj

    nikunj Level: Jelly Bean

    I really Love this video But it makes Me Feel #NeverSettle so Plz Plz Dude make Some Video to show Focus Ability Like Running Cars or fast moving objects to understand real Capabilities......!!!!;):p:D
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  18. Martinrm

    Martinrm Level: Jelly Bean

    Haha, i did after rewatching the video. Its amazing!
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  19. Mirzaghalib

    Mirzaghalib Level: Honeycomb

    The video is compressed on youtube so I downloaded it and I have to say this is one decent video recording but how do we know this is from 1+1?
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  20. Martinrm

    Martinrm Level: Jelly Bean

    Will try to get a video for you. In some other videos i did mid video focusing and it performed wonderfully.
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