The Smash is Over - Donate Your Flagship!

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  1. David S.

    David S. Administrator Staff Member

    Tomorrow we will be contacting the 100 lucky winners of our Smash the Past contest. Out of more than 140,000 applicants, these lucky fans will get a OnePlus One for only $1.

    ‘Smash the Past’ stemmed from a conversation a few of us had right as OnePlus was transforming from an idea to a real company. We wanted to build a device that was so good people would smash the phones they already had because they simply couldn’t live up. We believe we have that device in the One, and have been overwhelmed by the response to both the phone and the campaign.

    OnePlus is a young startup with bold ideas. It’s tough to just survive in this industry, nevermind shake it up as we hope to do. ‘Smash’ reflects our desire to do just that: show the world that there’s something new available, something that just may be better than your current daily driver. However, we are also strong proponents of using technology to better the daily lives of people across the globe. For this reason, the chosen 100 applicants can choose to either smash their phone as planned, or donate it to the wonderful team at Medic Mobile. Medic Mobile is a nonprofit that recycles old phones for use by healthcare workers in remote areas of the world. As described by a member of the Medic Mobile team:

    You can learn more about this organization at or follow them on Twitter at @medic. We encourage you to consider donating your old phone to others in need who can use it, after you get your OnePlus One of course!

    We want to thank the 140,000+ people who applied to smash their phones in exchange for a OnePlus One. The applications surpassed our expectations both in volume and creativity - we had no idea there were so many ways to break a phone! We are having a lot of fun reading these and to share this fun, below you have a few of the craziest ideas we found so far -
    • Playing tennis with it - serving, lobbying, forehand, backhand, slicing, and of course SMASHING.
    • Demolishing it with a homemade potato gun.
    • Cooking spaghetti bolognese with the phone as the main ingredient.
    • Liquidate it with nitrogen and a torque hammer.
    • Sending it up to space one-way with a model space rocket.
    • Flamethrower.
    • Ninja throwing stars.
    • Parachuting - without parachute.
    Thank you for your support and feedback. We’re working to get the OnePlus One in your hands as soon as possible.


    With the Smash the Past contest finally over, we are happy to announce that we have been able to raise over $5,000 USD, helping over 500 health workers accross all different MedicMobile projects. In words of Medic Mobile's CEO:

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  2. MSD

    MSD Level: Jelly Bean

    I'm happy for you guys, and that the contest was such a success for you all. 140k participant and you have to pick 100 of them? Best of luck...

    I'm just eager to get to the next stage. Hope to be one of the lucky ones to get an invite.
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  3. jpswer

    jpswer Level: Jelly Bean

    Amazing @David S. way to silence the critics.

    Hope everyone chosen donates their devices.

    Never Settle
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  4. master94

    master94 Level: KitKat

    Thank you OPO for not making smashing the only option. This is a great cause and it's nice to see you listening to your customers. Now maybe the trolls will leave the forums alone.Reserved because everyone else is.
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  5. thepanttherlady

    thepanttherlady Level: KitKat Moderator

    This is a great idea!
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  6. Buck2121

    Buck2121 Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    I'd rather sell it... Thank tho
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  7. bananajuice

    bananajuice Level: Gingerbread

    Nice! I actually mentioned I would smash it with a tennis racket! I hope I get picked. Fingers crossed!
  8. nickh8su

    nickh8su Level: Jelly Bean

    I still wanna smash mine.

    Smashy smashy
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  9. Edward

    Edward Level: Jelly Bean

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  10. virgil1981

    virgil1981 Level: KitKat

    At least they listened to the people complaining about smashing the phone. Having the option to donate the phone is a better idea.
  11. Jdfourn

    Jdfourn Level: Gingerbread

    Well played guys! That pretty much silences a lot of critics.....great to see you adapting to the market and turning potential bad press into a positive.
  12. pawv

    pawv Level: KitKat

    Hmmmm I wonder if they may select the 100 based on how creative the smash method is?? I hope it is totally random
  13. jmazzamj

    jmazzamj Level: KitKat

    I must say you surprised me.
    I was partly disappointed about this Smash the past madness and I almost lost interest in your "Never Settle" philosophy.

    You now proved you actively listen to this community and you care about it.

    I'm happy you partly changed your mind, I may well decide to smash my phone if I were picked, just in order to check if my Nexus 5 can fly, what do you guys think?

    In short: Giving us a choice is the way to go.
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  14. mohamed

    mohamed Level: Jelly Bean

    That's more like it!!
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  15. Avanzer

    Avanzer Level: Gingerbread

    way to go OP
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  16. Schlingel

    Schlingel Level: Gingerbread

  17. nickh8su

    nickh8su Level: Jelly Bean

    i thought i read something on the sign up e-mail that said submissions partly would be chosen based on method
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  18. Moose0704

    Moose0704 Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Can't wait! Hope I get picked!!
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  19. WhiteHartMart

    WhiteHartMart Level: Jelly Bean

    Well played guys - if I am lucky - donating is the way to go - I hope many of the 100 decide the same! Congrats in advance to the lucky winners :)
  20. wtfhsf

    wtfhsf Level: KitKat Moderator

    I'm Glad that you guys did end up letting people just recycle their phone rather than smashing it... it will make a lot of people here happy about the whole promo, and hopefully people will chill out a bit. awesome job #OnePlus.
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