The OnePlus One Screen: Bright, Sharp and Power Efficient

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  1. Pete

    Pete Administrator Staff Member

    We recently told you we’ve chosen a 3100 mAh battery for the OnePlus One which, working with the Snapdragon 801 processor and the software optimization from CyanogenMod will last a full day for even the most demanding users.

    Complementing those three features will be a beautiful 5.5” 1080p JDI display with 400+ PPI. JDI is Japan Display Inc., a joint venture by Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi that’s known for their great displays. In addition, it will feature TOL (Touch On Lens) modules which eliminates the distance between the touch sensor and display panel, while also being 300% more shatterproof than the competing OGS technology.

    The screen is equipped with both CABC and DRAM technology. This new and innovative technologies sense when the contents on your screen are dynamic, and consume less energy when the image is static, allowing the vivid 5.5” display to consume even less power than normal 5.0” displays with the same brightness.

    Some people might ask, why no QHD display? Remember when people said 1080p was overkill and were wrong? Well, QHD is overkill. Unless you inspect the display under a microscope, you won't find a difference between a QHD and a 1080p display. On the other hand, a QHD drains 35-60% more battery, requires the device to render more pixels making it slower, and also emits more heat. The technology is not there yet. Going with a 1080p 5.5" was the only responsible choice towards our fans and users.

    When we first started our journey, we thought users wanted a 5” screen, as it tends to be most people’s reported comfort limit when holding a device. At the same time, other users have been demanding larger screens, so we also understood a bigger screen offers users a better experience when it comes to reading, watching videos and gaming. So, why not fit a 5.5” screen into a 5.0” handset? After a lot of trial and error, our engineers figured it out. Need proof? Believe it or not, there’s a OnePlus One under that Sony Xperia Z1, a 5” screen phone that many people have said great things about.

    The OnePlus One has one of the best screen/front space ratios on the market. This, coupled with the slim body and tapered edges, makes the device easy to operate with one hand.

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  2. fabripav

    fabripav Level: KitKat

    Holy shit! A 5.5 into a 5.0 is mental. haha you're crazy guys, amazing.
  3. Adam Krisko

    Adam Krisko Administrator Staff Member

    Congrats guys! I can't wait to see this beast!
  4. Miyno

    Miyno Level: Cupcake

    Cant wait to order my Oneplus One.
  5. Kirito

    Kirito Level: Froyo

    wow OnePlus One is using screen from Japan Display Inc. same with Oppo N1/Find 5.
    5.5” to 5" body will make the phone body more tall.
  6. Antosz

    Antosz Level: Cupcake

    Great News!
  7. Mark0101

    Mark0101 Level: Cupcake

    My face when I read it.
    You are mad :) Oh_My_God-0013.jpg
  8. ram gupta

    ram gupta Level: Jelly Bean Moderator

    Well done guys.Wish there was some way to peek under the Z1.
    5.5' screen.Me loving ittt :rolleyes:
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  9. Milen Ivanov

    Milen Ivanov Level: Cupcake

    When i read " 5.5" screen " ... it was a bit disapointing but... when i saw this picture i was amazed ! Can't wait anymore :X
  10. nguser

    nguser Level: KitKat Head Moderator

    I'm so happy that I started laughing like a full retard.
  11. puma95

    puma95 Level: Jelly Bean Senior Moderator

    this is just too big..
    the z1 is a really big phone, the screen is only 5" but the bezels are huge.
    anyway it is necessary to get your thumb to the buttons on the bottom AND to the statusbar, I'm not sure if this is possible on 5,5"

    and a screen from a sony partner company? sony screens on smartphones are horrible..

    but I'm still curious, hope you guys can impress us :)
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  12. Andrew Z

    Andrew Z Level: Ice Cream Sandwich Senior Moderator

    Wow, it is hard for me to imagine that 5.5 inch will be comfortable to operate using one hand.

    But I do believe you guys. Just need to hold the device in my hands (I hope it is smaller than Z1, as I find it not that comfortable to use with one hand)

    Also news about lower consumption when image is not moving and it being more shatterproof are just great!!!
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  13. Adam Krisko

    Adam Krisko Administrator Staff Member

    Same here!
  14. adlibitum

    adlibitum Level: Jelly Bean

    So, what is the actual screen/front space ratio (%) of the phone?
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  15. Josef Džujík

    Josef Džujík Level: Gingerbread

    Great! 5.5" is perfect size and if you can fit it in the same size or even less than Xperia Z1, than you must be a magicians :)
  16. Aditya T S

    Aditya T S Level: Éclair

    Take my money!!
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  17. nguser

    nguser Level: KitKat Head Moderator

    Yeah Adam! Let's celebrate my friend!

  18. adlibitum

    adlibitum Level: Jelly Bean

    What are the physical dimensions of the phone? Like those of Sony Xperia Z1?
  19. fabripav

    fabripav Level: KitKat

    Close to 80% imo.
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  20. Fairweather

    Fairweather Level: Doughnut

    I'm hoping the phone isn't too much larger than a GS4 though. But I really like the idea of a 5.5" screen. My Galaxy Note 1 only has a 5.3" screen!!!!
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