The OnePlus One Camera: Sony Exmor IMX214, 6 lenses, and low light performance

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  1. Pete

    Pete Administrator Staff Member

    Looking back at our forum activity, we’ve noticed a lot of discussion about the OnePlus One’s camera specs.

    Unlike other manufacturers, our aim is not to compete with DSLRs but to offer a portable product that performs well in real-life conditions (without an ugly protruding camera). That’s why our engineers and I reviewed a myriad of available camera solutions and tested them in real-life scenarios.

    After going through almost every single manufacturer and the latest models in the market, we felt that Sony offered the best wide-aperture sensors out there. We were confident that with the proper set of lenses and software optimization, our camera would take beautiful pictures in any situation.

    With Sony in mind, we chose their latest Exmor IMX214. This 13-megapixel CMOS sensor boasts an incredible f/2.0 aperture, so more light can be captured when shooting in the dark.

    Large apertures do come with a downside, namely that photos may become distorted on the edges. Regular smartphones have 5 lenses, but to properly correct for low aperture we added a 6th. Our unique 6 lens optics will avoid any low aperture distortion while also enhancing the image quality and colors.

    The OnePlus One will also let you to shoot 4K videos or, if you love slow-motion video, film at 120 fps with a 720p resolution.

    Of course we didn’t forget about the front facing camera. We added a 5 megapixel front shooter that will be your best friend during your video-calls and selfies.

    The OnePlus One aims for the best in both hardware and software. Using one of the best sensors in the market for our camera is just a way of expressing the “Never Settle” philosophy.

    Stay tuned for more shots taken with the OnePlus One!
  2. Mat

    Mat Level: Honeycomb

    :) I'm not an expert.

    I'm very happy with the image stabilization. I'm a sick with my hand
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  3. fabripav

    fabripav Level: KitKat

    120 fps with 720p! AMAZING!
  4. likebutta

    likebutta Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Sounds great!
  5. Adam Krisko

    Adam Krisko Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome! Can't wait to play with this camera!
  6. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    4K for $400?!! I love you guys! You gave a meaning to my long wait :D
  7. raphymartinez

    raphymartinez Level: Froyo

    Looking good!
  8. nguser

    nguser Level: KitKat Head Moderator

  9. muddy46

    muddy46 Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    "The OnePlus One will also let you to shoot 4K videos or, if you love slow-motion video, film at 120 fps with a 720p resolution." Was secretly hoping for 4k thinking it wouldnt really happen on this phone. Will this phone have hdmi port?
  10. GregOrevo

    GregOrevo Level: KitKat Moderator

    Great news, great camera, thanks OnePlus.

    Low light, 6th lense, IS+, slow motion, 4k videos...

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  11. riffraff81

    riffraff81 Level: KitKat

    yep, same as the iphone 5s
  12. kitsVA

    kitsVA Level: Gingerbread

    Sounds perfect. Thank god you didn't fall for the Pixel competition. 13MP is more than adequate.
  13. Maciej

    Maciej Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Thank! You!
  14. angeliou

    angeliou Level: Jelly Bean

    I am super impressed!! :)
  15. ML_Heng

    ML_Heng Level: Honeycomb

    Interesting, nearly as good a Sony Z2 specs except for the MP.
  16. pottersmash

    pottersmash Level: Froyo

    Is the front facing camera wide angle like in recent HTC phones?
  17. Allanitomwesh

    Allanitomwesh Level: Jelly Bean

    Okay then! Now I'm very very interested :)
  18. Rajesh Pandey

    Rajesh Pandey Level: Cupcake

    Umm is IS+ == Optical Image stabilisation? Cannot understand from the announcement post.
  19. m1cke

    m1cke Level: KitKat

    Like before. It sure sounds good enough, but flagship-killer?
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  20. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    Maybe an alternative to OIS
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