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  1. Jerry

    Jerry Administrator Staff Member


    To show our appreciation for everyone’s support in OnePlus thus far, we are giving away “Never Settle” t-shirts to 100 lucky fans.

    Just fill out the raffle form below, and you’ll be eligible for to win. However, don’t wait around; the form will only be online for 1 hour. We will choose the winners randomly and announce the results within 72 hours after the closing of the event.

    Ready, set, go:

    *Note: Please only one request per household. Multiple submissions for the same address will be ignored.
  2. mahvi

    mahvi Level: KitKat

    First. For once!

    Edit: And now the wait begins.

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  3. Reverb

    Reverb Level: KitKat

    Give it to me.
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  4. elkolonel

    elkolonel Level: KitKat

    Top ! Is this a smart T-shirt connected with the One ?? :D
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  5. YKK

    YKK Level: KitKat

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  6. Hanson Lee

    Hanson Lee Level: Marshmallow Senior Moderator

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  7. saminpgh

    saminpgh Level: KitKat Moderator

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  8. ectoraige

    ectoraige Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Woot! If I win, I don't mind if you mix up the parcel with a phone...
  9. Nuno

    Nuno Level: Jelly Bean

  10. silenceofthetaru

    silenceofthetaru Level: Honeycomb

  11. siddi24

    siddi24 Level: Jelly Bean

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  12. Pyranya

    Pyranya Level: KitKat

  13. leelajagadish

    leelajagadish Level: KitKat

    103955i9644AD454214FD81.gif great
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  14. MouBariego

    MouBariego Level: Honeycomb

    Want them all!!!
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  15. clem+1

    clem+1 Level: KitKat

    I'd be happy if I get one !
  16. thepanttherlady

    thepanttherlady Level: KitKat Moderator

    Woohoo!! Been waiting for one of these. :D Thanks, OnePlus!
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  17. Christian

    Christian Level: Jelly Bean

    Ok why not one for me
  18. Dexter Morgan

    Dexter Morgan Level: Lollipop

    Good luck everyone.
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  19. Kureen

    Kureen Level: Jelly Bean

  20. arturyatsko

    arturyatsko Level: Froyo

    Maybe some luck?
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