Sorry, OnePlus

  1. WarNeverChanges

    WarNeverChanges Level: Gingerbread

    I'm sorry that I'm not spamming the forum with random posts.
    I'm sorry that I'm not living and breathing this forum everyday.
    I'm sorry that I'm not dedicating my life to marketing the OnePlus One.
    I'm sorry that I joined only as 4894 member and not the first 100.
    I'm sorry that I didn't want to wake up at 3 in the morning to join in on your races.
    I'm sorry that I am not happy with the way you are dealing with things.

    Sorry OnePlus, I don't deserve you. You're obviously too good of a company to take my money. Thanks for all the memories here, and I wish the rest of you good luck :)

    >inb4 "more invites for me!!1!1!" or "GOOD GET OUT OF HERE YOU WHINER"
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  2. Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Maximus Decimus Meridius Level: Marshmallow

  3. WarNeverChanges

    WarNeverChanges Level: Gingerbread

    I'll miss you, babe <3
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  4. brittonraya

    brittonraya Level: KitKat

    i dont know what to say
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  5. gibe_me_invaits

    gibe_me_invaits Level: Gingerbread

    wil u gib me invait? if u git 1 of corse
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  6. Oneplus23

    Oneplus23 Level: Froyo

    see you.....then :confused:
  7. NLxRoyal

    NLxRoyal Level: KitKat

    You are forgiven!
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  8. Tedman

    Tedman Level: KitKat

    Good luck !! I hope you'll find something that does deserve you in your journey.
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  9. andresito90

    andresito90 Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

  10. rupilas

    rupilas Level: Honeycomb

    wait u get ur invite next week L-Z Theory
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  11. dsmonteiro

    dsmonteiro Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    The irony.
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  12. jdec

    jdec Level: Honeycomb

    Just hang in there. In sure your close.
  13. Matthew Hornby

    Matthew Hornby Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Maybe if you were more active, you would already have an invite, ten posts a day and you would easily be an active member
  14. Schlumpf

    Schlumpf Level: Honeycomb

    So just wait or buy another phone as everybody else does. No whining ;-)
  15. 8080

    8080 Level: Honeycomb

    So what device are you getting instead?
  16. josephdomingue

    josephdomingue Level: Jelly Bean

  17. Vladonchik

    Vladonchik Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Similar threads have been bored! If you go - go away quietly!
  18. chaficgreige

    chaficgreige Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    WoW.. I'm sorry too!!
  19. WarNeverChanges

    WarNeverChanges Level: Gingerbread

    Yeah sorry :(
  20. theSprintman

    theSprintman Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    you are right man! good luck to you.
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