shipping today!!

  1. Abrennan

    Abrennan Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Ordered on June 7 just got the email that my one plus one has shipped for anyone who cares.

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  2. theacer

    theacer Level: Jelly Bean

    happy dance time
  3. mohamed

    mohamed Level: Jelly Bean

    happy days, mines still processing!!
  4. AdrianCaro

    AdrianCaro Level: Jelly Bean

    awaiting invite...
  5. Carniveau

    Carniveau Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

  6. Evan73

    Evan73 Level: Honeycomb

    I do! great news!!!
    Hope to hear a review soon!
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  7. Kaldrak

    Kaldrak Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Good to know!! Congrats!
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  8. eugenefong

    eugenefong Level: Cupcake

    Congrats! Care to send an invite to me please????
  9. jackal2001

    jackal2001 Level: Honeycomb

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  10. 0utblast

    0utblast Level: KitKat

    Create a thread when you have it.
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  11. zygi10s

    zygi10s Level: Jelly Bean

    Congrudulations man that you got an invitation, are you received invites for share?
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  12. PuresGift

    PuresGift Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

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  13. solidsalim

    solidsalim Level: Froyo

    It makes the rest of us feel kind of jealous
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  14. Niemann789

    Niemann789 Level: Doughnut

    Gratz mate :D
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  15. kapes

    kapes Level: Éclair

  16. johnthai202

    johnthai202 Level: Éclair

  17. Sachin07

    Sachin07 Level: KitKat

    Enjoy your phone and give us updates if you can.
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  18. keithnyc

    keithnyc Level: KitKat Moderator

  19. instapwned

    instapwned Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Yeah no one cares
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  20. ValterF

    ValterF Level: Froyo

    finaly good news
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