Review your OnePlus 3/3T - Results!

  1. David Y. Community Manager Staff Member Apr 27, 2017

    David Y., Apr 27, 2017 :

    Hi everyone,

    First of all, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Review your OnePlus 3/3T Contest. We were absolutely thrilled to read all of your reviews. Every word counts, and it’s beyond humbling to see all of you guys from around the world attesting to OnePlus.

    Now, on to the fun part. With so many amazing entries, it wasn't easy for us to choose just eight winners. Just as @Bobby2223 (one of our contestants) said, it is difficult to chose great among the good. We chose our favorite entries based on the following criteria: adherence to contest rules and overall quality of the content. However, after we had gone through the entries, we still had about 30+ finalists that we just simply couldn’t decide between. So we went with the only fair solution: choosing eight winners at random.

    Without further ado, here are the eight winners who will receive a $50 OnePlus voucher code:

    1. Why you chose OP3/3T?
    I am a fan of pure vanilla android experience thus all my devices are nexus and moto.
    When I read that OP Oxygen OS is next closest to pure vanilla android, I was so tempted and yet sceptical because other than nexus devices, Moto just barely passed my standard.
    So I finally committed to a OP3T purchase and was wowed by Oxygen OS, the pure vanilla android was indeed comparable to nexus devices and surpassed Moto. I have been sold!

    2. What your favorite feature(s) are and why?
    Top favorite feature: Dash charging, oh my god, it was freaking fast and I can be on my move soonest. Coupled with high capacity battery, I no longer faced the average battery life issue from nexus devices.

    2nd favorite feature: Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 with 6gb ram, what else to say? A speedy demon! Everything was so smooth and snappy.

    3rd favorite feature: Premium and solid build. I used to limit myself to phones with screens not exceeding 5.2” and I was surprised when I don’t feel the awkwardness of holding a 5.5” OP3T and I believed it is due to the build; So sleek and so nice to hold it!

    3. If there’s one thing that you think still needs to be perfected, what is it?
    You guys are already coming out with other color for the phone, great job!
    For the successor, I look forward to a better display, at least Quad HD and dual speakers for stereo effect.

    Thank you.

    1. I chose the 3T mainly because of it's amazing specs for such a low price, I was very much considering the Google Pixel as my next phone but the many similarities in hardware and even software at a much lower price tag persuaded me to get the 3T instead.

    2. There are many great things about this phone I can confidently say that. Above all I would say the build quality of the phone does it for me, the phone feels so well engineered and premium, even with the mid-range price tag. Dash charge is also fantastic albeit the lack of support for it with it being proprietary. I use my phone a lot whilst it's charging and it is fantastic that Dash charge means charging is still fast. The similarity to stock Android in OxygenOS is great, not only in design but also in speed of updates. With the added features on top of stock I would say OxygenOS is even slightly better than stock and that I prefer it. I've never owned an AMOLED phone before and the display is gorgeous, the blacks are so deep and blend with the bezel and the colours are so vibrant which makes the phone a pleasure to use, coupled with the blazing fast speeds and insane multitasking thanks to the 6GB of RAM.

    3. Even though I love this phone there are still some things I would improve about it, the lack of scheduled Do Not Disturb or even silent Do Not Disturb is quite annoying as I used to use this frequently on my old phones. I believe that the alert slider should be fully customizable; reversible in terms of order, ability to use for different setting eg. brightness. If possible swipe gestures on the fingerprint scanner would be amazing, yet another function of the buttons (I love the range of shortcuts that can be mapped to double presses and long presses). Finally I think that Dash charging should become open to third parties to make accessories for in order for a wider availability of chargers, power banks etc. along the same lines if possible via software update, enable the phone to be able to use Quickcharge 3.0, yes it may not be as fast as Dash charging but there are many accessories out there that support it.

    Thank you for making such an amazing phone at such a great price tag, I don't regret buying it one bit and would recommend it to anyone.

    Review of the OnePlus 3

    Personal Experience:

    In a world evenly divided by low-end, under-performing phones and high-end flagships loaded with useless gimmicks and under-performing low-end "budget" phone destined to disappoint, OnePlus really stands out as unique company making unique devices. I should mention that I have owned several of those “flagships” made by companies like Motorola, LG, HTC, and Samsung. I liked the hardware, but I came — every time — to hate the software. For all of the fuss about features, they just seemed to me to be bloatware gimmicks. So, I began installing aftermarket ROMs on all my phones. Often, I would have the bootloader unlocked, the phone rooted, and CyanogenMod installed within an hour of taking a new phone out of the box. I never looked back and thought I never would.

    OnePlus first came across my radar when rumors of their first phone — the OnePlus One — began circulating via tech sites before its release. I was intrigued. Here was a phone offering top-end specs for about half what I had just paid for my most recent phone. It was a simple design with elegant appeal. No bling; just raw horsepower in a case designed to blend in. I wanted one. Unfortunately, I had just bought a new phone and had to wait.

    While I waited, I watched. The company kept introducing new phones — each better than the last. The company did not void warranties for unlocking the bootloaders and rooting. I was convinced that I had found the company I wanted to get my next phone from. When the OnePlus 3 was introduced, I was almost ready for a new phone. I decided to order it.

    I initially did not even try OxygenOS. I followed my trend of modding the phone without even booting it into the OS first. Then, in the weeks between the demise of CyanogenMod and the emergence of LineageOS, I decided I couldn’t live without updates. So, I installed OOS 3.2.7.

    I was blown away!

    The camera — which was good on CM — was great on OOS. The sound was better, the phone was faster, the battery lasted longer. I was hooked. I could not believe I was enjoying a stock ROM. It had been years since I had enjoyed a phone so much. Each new update has added to the value of this phone.

    The OnePlus 3 is an impressive phone with specs to rival any flagship. But there is more to a phone than specs. Some things are more a matter or nuance, and the OnePlus 3 nails that. The phone is beautiful without being ostentatious. It is simple and elegant. It is comfortable in the hand and a joy to use. From the dark black screen to the monolithic aluminum body to the finely crafted buttons to the alert slider, everything feels like it belongs. Nothing is there that shouldn’t be and nothing is missing.

    • Pictures
    The 16 MP rear-facing camera is amazing when one takes the time to learn to use it properly. The pictures are sharp, crisp, and clear with deep colors and a professional feel to them. This is the first phone I have ever truly enjoyed taking pictures with.

    The manual settings offer the closest thing to a true SLR experience I have ever seen on a phone. By selecting shutter speed, exposure, and iso settings, I am able to take great photos in almost any conditions. And, by saving them as RAW, I can go back later and tweak what I want. The result is that I have a folder of photos on my computer that are worthy of being printed, framed, and displayed.

    The 8MP front-facing camera is more than good enough. The depth of color, sharpness, and clarity are great for shooting selfies or using for video chat.
    • Videos
    The video camera allows shooting in true HD with ranges between 720p and 4K. There are also settings for Time-Lapse and Slow-Motion that make it possible to shoot amazing videos. The videos are sharp and clear and — thanks to the built-in image stabilization — in focus and jitter-free. The inclusion of dual microphones (one on the back and one on the bottom) means that videos are shot with the sound captured in stereo.


    Powered by a 3,000mAh battery, the OnePlus 3 lasts me a full day and a half of e-mails, browsing the web, phones calls, texts, social media, listening to music, watching videos, and using the camera. Thanks to the DASH charger — which charges my phone from zero to full in less than 45 minutes — I never have to worry about running low on power. I have had my OnePlus 3 for several months and have never had the battery let me down. Even when I use the hotspot for several hours at a time, the battery holds up well enough to get me through more than a day.

    A full day of very heavy use and the battery held out. I put it on the DASH Charger for about 40 minutes after that and it was fully charged and ready to go again.

    If anything, OnePlus is understating the case with their promise of “a day’s power in half an hour.” I could probably make it a full day on a 15 or 20 minute charge most days.

    Processors and RAM:

    With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core CPU and Adreno 530 GPU under the hood supported by 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM, this phone takes anything I throw at it — multitasking without any lag whatsoever. At any given time, I have 15 to 20 tabs open in the browser and more than a dozen apps open in the background. Even with all of that running, videos never skip a frame, the UI never lags, and the phone stays cool. In fact the only time I notice any warmth at all is when I am using the hotspot while charging.

    I have never seen the phone use more than half of its RAM and it has never been slow to respond to my touch. If anything, the combination of the processors and RAM is overkill, but at least I know it’s there when and if I ever need it. This is a phone that will be able to run whatever updates are available for its lifetime.


    The single, bottom-facing speaker is surprisingly rich and responsive. Listening to music, watching videos, or playing back a recording is a pleasant experience that adds to the simple luxury of using this phone. It really is the little things you don’t think of that make the big differences. Again, OnePlus got this right.

    Using good headphones or a stereo Bluetooth headset is a real experience. The built-in audio tuner really helps customize the sound of music and videos. Deep, rich base and crisp, tight treble, along with warm midrange are all there. I spend a lot more time listening to music on this phone than any phone I’ve owned before.


    The 5.5”, 1080p, Amoled display — protected by Gorilla Glass 4 — gives deep darks, bright colors, and depth to whatever you are viewing on it. It is plenty bright enough (except in the brightest direct sunlight). The Gorilla Glass has never shown any scratches (even though I have — on occasion — carried the phone in my pocket with change and keys).


    The USB 2.0, Type-C charging/data port is sturdy and simple, like the rest of the phone. The convenience of not having to figure out which way the cable plugs into the phone is another of those little things that just adds to the joy of using this phone.

    The Dual nano-SIM slot is a very nice feature. Being able to carry one device for both work and personal calls is more of a convenience than can be explained; it has to be experienced. And because the OnePlus 3 comes factory unlocked, one SIM card can be from one carrier and the other from another. Not being locked into a carrier also means that if my current carrier ever aggravates me or another carrier offers a better deal, I can switch carriers without any hassle.

    While the OnePlus 3 lacks a microSD slot, it does support UTG for using a USB stick via the Type-C port, so this is not really such an issue. Coupled with plenty of storage (my phone has 64GB), the UTG feature means the phone does not really need a microSD slot.

    Fingerprint Scanner:

    The fingerprint scanner is fast and responsive. I rarely get an error. I like that I can encrypt the phone (which is done by default), set up a long, random pass-phrase to protect the data on my phone, and securely unlock the phone using my fingerprint. I probably use this feature hundreds of times a day and most of the time, I don’t even think about it. It just blends into the background — literally and figuratively — and does its job.

    Call Quality:

    With all of it’s features and functions, it’s important to remember that it is — primarily — a phone. And in that regard it also performs very well. Calls sound great on both ends of the conversation. Whether using the earpiece, the speaker, or Bluetooth, calls are clear and loud enough without being overbearing. Even on speaker, there is almost never any echo, thanks to those dual microphones helping to cancel noise. The same is true for video calls.

    Data, WiFi, Hotspot, and Bluetooth Connections:

    The OnePlus 3 supports VoLTE and 4G/LTE for those carriers that offer them. The data connection is fast and reliable on my carrier (MetroPCS). I often have a better connection than my wife and daughter do on their phones on the same network in the same location. The WiFi is reliable and fast. When I use hotspot (which is often), it is fast and reliable and has a long reach. I can turn it on and any device in my house can connect with no problem. My Bluetooth devices connect immediately and work well.


    As I mentioned previously, I have a deep, dark hatred of the heavily-skinned versions of Android that most manufacturers tend to put on their devices. That is one of the reasons I ran CyanogenMod on all my devices for years. OxygenOS is a breath of fresh air (yes, the pun was intended). It is nearly vanilla Android with a few (useful) modifications. It is also fairly customizable. Since I have been using OxygenOS, I have not missed CyanogenMod (or the newer LinegaeOS) at all.

    OxygenOS is fast, responsive, and intuitive. And, unlike some versions of Android put out by the major manufacturers, it gets regular updates. In the few months that I’ve had my OnePlus 3, it has received seven updates (3.2.8; 4.0; 4.0.1; 4.0.2; 4.0.3; 4.1; and 4.1.1). In fact, the OnePlus 3 got Android 7.1 and 7.1.1 before many (if not most) of the flagships from the big boys. As mentioned above, each update has improved the features and functions of the phone.

    OnePlus also offers an “Open Beta” program as part of its commitment to its vision of a phone “created together with our fans.” By allowing those willing to test new features not quite ready for a major release to download and run the Betas and report back on their experience, OnePlus is able to continually put out more updates that are solid and smooth. This really is a different company and their approach lends itself to their “Never Settle” slogan. OxygenOS is a big part of that, and — like so many other things OnePlus does— they get it right.

    Plus, after this phone reaches it’s EOL and stops receiving updates, I can always go ROM shopping again, because the hardware on this phone can handle whatever updates (either official or unofficial) the next few years will bring.

    Summary and Favorite Features:

    The OnePlus 3 is a beauty and a beast. It is a great-looking device that has heavy-duty specs and is built to perform and last. The phone has so many strong points that it is difficult to narrow it down to one favorite feature. My top four would be:

    1. The design: solid, beautiful, classic;
    2. The power and energy efficiency of the processors and RAM;
    3. The camera;
    4. OxygenOS

    There are some changes I would like to see in future updates/phones:
    • The alert slider should be more customizable. It would be nice to be able to reverse the order of the choices (up for all alerts, middle for priority, down for silence).
    • The Shelf should follow the theme better. As it is, the Shelf still has light elements even when the dark theme is selected.
    • Stock recovery should allow installing zip files for installing custom ROMs and rooting.
    • The Community app should have the same functionality as the web version does (picture uploads at full size, etc).
    • Future phones should support USB 3.0 connections.
    • FileDash needs to be made secure. As it is, it sends out an unsecured hotspot that anyone can log into while it is open. It should be password protected.
    When compared to phones at twice the price, the OnePlus 3 more than holds its own. When compared to phones in the same price-point — well there is no comparison; None of the other phones in the same price range even come close to the OnePlus 3.

    I would recommend this phone (or its successor — the OnePlus 3T) to anyone looking for a quality device that breaks the mold of the run-of-the-mill flagships offered by the major manufacturers.

    @Chanaka Weerasingha
    OnePlus 3T is definitely an eye grabber.The design in 3/3T is awesome and very innovative. It feels like you are holding a modern day piece of technology in you hand. Every person around me wants to hold oneplus hardware and feel the premium design even they already have high end flagships devices. Its striking to see how other smartphone users are attracted to the one plus design and uniqueness. The best part is when they get to know the specs sheet the oneplus 3T has to offer. You can blow anyone's mind off with the incredible specs the 3T brings to the table. One plus has concentrated well on the most average usable specs and enhance them so that an average user gets the most premium high end experience from the device.

    Favourite featurs of mine using one plus is that the device is capable of handling any task i throw at it. Memory, Speed, Hard usage (Average drops and scratches) and entertainment. The OxygenOS knows exactly what the mobile customers want and is designed specifically to suit the user experience. In my own experience, every person who had a chance to look in to my phone wanted to take a selfie and not only want one, but also get that photo to themself. This is proof that the oneplus has successfully completed the camera experience.

    In order to improve, Oneplus needs to get the Water/Dust resistance certification IP68. This would be great for any user since they can have trust on handling the device with other daily activities. A hiker, Traveler, Engineer, Banker, and even a driver would love to see this feature in a mobile.
    PS; I love to see curve edges in the four corners of the screen. a very good and a modern kind of way the screen will look in the future. Should be able to customize this via the OxygenOS.

    I was an owner of Samsung Note 3 for about 3.5 years (too much, I know). The reason for that was an anticipation for newer and better smartphones. I was following OP for last two years after my friend purchased OPO (he still owning it and very satisfied by it). After releasing OP3T I came to understanding that this the best phone in terms of cost effective. As I consider myself a "heavy user" one of my requirements was 6GB RAM. A few month ago only 4 or 5 phones had this feature. Considering other high-end features and the lowest price available for that features this has to be a great deal. Add to it a constant support and growing community and you could see that this is a definite winner.

    A couple of weeks ago a had an opportunity to test and purchase OP3T. Well, It was a pure pleasure to operate this device after an annoying Note 3. 6GB RAM is definitely an ease for a user like me which runs a tons of different apps in foreground and background including automation. Though I don't get a day and a half of battery but I "survive" till late hours of a day. The back shooter is great and the front 16Mb(!) shooter is really nice feature though I had problem with dynamic range outdoors. The mechanical slider is something that you will need (probably) to get use to though it's quite intuitive.

    The one thing I would improve is a shooter, especially in low light conditions (both the front and back). But let me not stop just there: adding a flashlight in front would be a nice touch, maybe dual shooter on back. And how about adding an ability to expand memory. Hey, there is dual sim slot there. Maybe moving the finger fingerprint scanner to back, just where the logo is located (bezel-less trend, you know).

    Anyway, looking forward for the next version (4 or 5 or whatever)...

    1. Why did you chose OP3/3T?
    I chose to buy a OP3T because a friend that's into smartphone stuff recommended it to me. I was looking for a high quality phone, with a good camera and a long lasting battery, also one that had a good functioning and that didn't gave me any problem. OP3T seemed to accomplish those characteristics, with a good price and really good specs. After looking for other options I decided that it was my best option :)

    2. What are your favorite feature(s) and why?
    My favorite features are the dash charge (I tend to forget to charge my phone and with the Dash Charge feature I can charge it in less than an hour. It's really life saving.
    I also love the camera: great resolution. For a persona like me, that has 0 skills on taking pics it's really easy to use.
    The microphone is great, when I record videos or audios it has a great quality of sound, with little background sound. It's great!
    The specs are awesome! I have little understanding of phone specs, but comparing them to phones of similar price you can easily find OP3T the winner.
    One thing that it's a little silly is the button on the left that changes your phone from silence to normal... It's really fast and practical.

    3. If there’s one thing that you think still needs to be perfected, what is it?
    One thing that I didn't thought about until it happened is that the charge entry is on the lower part of the phone. The thing is that, when you're on your phone while on bed it's a little uncomfortable, at least for me.
    The audio entry is also on the lower part of the phone, It's a simmilar problem to the other one, it's a little uncomfortable when you have to fit the phone on some pockets.
    - - -
    As you could see I had to think very hard for those thinks I didn't like. This is a phone I am very happy with, really good functionality on daily basis. It fell some times and didn't show any damages. Great battery functioning, really great camera and microphone. Great design of the phone and boxing... And a Great price!

    Hi Oneplus team!
    My name is Biel a.k.a. bieltv3 and although I am a fan of the Oneplus family I’ve never posted on the Oneplus forum before. I hope you will enjoyt my review and sorry for my English, as I am a Spanish guy!

    1. Why I chose the OP3?

    Ever since Snapdragon 820 was announced I was hyped to change my old but still functional Snapdragon 801. After seeing the results of this new processor I was sure this chipset was indeed worth it. I just needed Oneplus to make its magic.
    I am not going to lie, the Oneplus 3 had everything I was expecting for a phone, it took all the best things of every flagship, joined together and made it cheaper.
    The camera was just as good as I needed to be. The AMOLED screen technology was what I always wanted on my smartphone. And finally, one thing that was very important for me was the USB-type C included.
    The Oneplus 3 design was a change in the Oneplus line-up that I enjoyed since the first day. I wouldn’t have bought the phone if the exterior wasn’t nice! But indeed it was, it felt premium and durable, with a good screen ratio, with one of the fastest fingerprint sensors… It had everything I wanted!

    2. What your favorite feature(s) are and why?

    When I received the phone all the things I mentioned before were perfect. The camera, the screen, the optimization, the hardware, RAM… Even the packaging with the letter made me feel proud of what I bought!
    One feature I didn’t mentioned before is the software. I knew that rocking a Qualcomm chipset the custom ROM forum will be active. I was once a developer in the CM team back on the old days, and I helped with the Oneplus One development. When I received the Oneplus 3 I experienced something I never experienced before: Oxygen OS was exactly what I was searching for a smartphone. As an old Oneplus One user, I never tested early versions of Oxygen OS but, this software experience was beyond what I expected.
    As an Android OS developer on XDA I fought with OEM’s about releasing and kernel source code and drivers. When I saw that Oneplus 3 was having a proprietary fast charging I wasn’t expecting this to be a good thing. Why a company like Oneplus, open-sourced and developer friendly, rock their own proprietary fast charge? But then… the Dash charge was awesome, fast and reliable. And not just that, after a few weeks I saw that Oneplus released the code needed to adapt Dash charge into custom ROMs!
    Another feature I didn’t expect to be as awesome as I though was the alert slider. Oh my god it is so useful!
    In the end everything was just as I wanted to be and I never had any issue with the phone… I was very happy with the Oneplus One but now I’m even happier with the Oneplus 3. I am a very proud Oneplus family member!

    3. If there’s one thing that you think still needs to be perfected, what is it?

    After all this months of use I have found some little things that may have to be improved. I just want to contribute to the next flagship of Oneplus or the next software updates.
    First thing that may need to be improved is the Shelf of the Oneplus Launcher. The shelf itself is nice: nice layout and good design. The main problem is that 3rd party widgets don’t actually fit nicely. Apart from Oneplus widgets, other widgets don’t actually look well on the shelf. I do have the shelf activated with the Whatsapp widget and Google Calendar but the Oneplus widgets look way better in the shelf. I don’t know if maybe making more shelf widgets may improve the visual feeling.
    Another thing that may need to be improved, at least for me, is the theme management. I do completely agree with the 3 option you give to us: Stock, light or dark. I am a dark theme fan as it makes a lot of sense with the AMOLED screen. What I would like to change is the accent colours. My idea is to create a colour palette for the accent colours, so you can adjust it to the one you like it. Anyway, you at least gave us the option to choose!
    And finally, one thing I missed in the software part is a video editor in the stock gallery. As Oneplus 3 offers the possibility to record in slow motion, which I use a lot, I would like to cut the video to just the photogram I am interested. I am not asking for a very sophisticated video editor, I just would like a simple cutting tool in the stock gallery as 3rd party free apps aren’t really good and your photo editor is more than decent.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me write my opininon on the Oneplus 3/3T and very luck to everyone! I hope the Oneplus team read my review and enjoy it. And it was nice to see you in the Europe tour in Barcelona! See you soon! :D

    Why/How I chose the 3T

    I usually keep myself upto date with latest gadgets, especially mobile phones and wearables, and also suggest stuff to my close family and friends. Right from the very first OnePlus I did keep their phones in my radar. I was always in awe with the fact that how could OnePlus make such a beast of a device for such a low price. But the things that held me behind was the uninteresting design, fact that the OnePlus was a new player and last but not the least the unfamiliar invite system. I was holding on to a HTC one M7(a beautiful phone) in late 2015 when the OnePlus X was released and by god’s grace I got an invite and laid my hands on it. Though a beautiful device I dint feel it as an upgrade to my current phone and ended up returning it (sorry about it ). And on Jan 2016 i got LG V10, a beast of of a phone. Exactly on 1st Jan 2017 it gave up on me and the best thing (specs + design) available at a relatively lower (compared to its competitors ) price was the 3T, i dint think twice before ordering it.

    What I Like/Love


    Right out of the box and in my hands I noticed how brilliant, lean and eye catchy the design was. The feel in the hand was just too good. Coming from a 5.7 inch (V10) phone, 3T just feels the right-sized on your hand. Also the gunmetal color and the unibody metal frame makes it a amazing looker.

    The first few days (after which I got used to it) the thing that I noticed almost immediately was how snappy the performance was. Coming from snapdragon 808 with 4 gigs of ram, I could clearly tell how quick and snappy the 821’s performance was. Also multitasking is insane. You could bring back any app from the recent in a jiffy with almost 0 lag.

    Another great thing about the phone is the front and back camera. Its perfect for the casual point and shoots. I recently started posting to Instagram, thanks to the 16 mp camera the 3T has. Also the low light photos are pretty decent. I am not a selfie guy, but I am happy with the very few selfies that I have taken. Though not the best, there is no complaints in the camera department.

    Another important thing which I haven’t experienced with any of my previous mobiles is the tremendous battery life. I use my mobile moderately and I can easily get juice for from 7 AM in the morning to around next day 11AM without touching the red line.

    Dash Charger
    The charging speed of this one is just blazing fast. In those times were you almost touched red line and you are out to a party, a few mins of charge while you dress up gives enough juice to run through the rest of the night. This is just an incredible feat which OnePlus has nailed.

    The screen is just brilliant. The blacks are just too intense in this beautiful AMOLED screen. The color reproduction, contrast and the sunlight legibility are just too right. I am scared i might not move away from AMOLED displays in my future. Also the ambient display is a dope feature !

    Alert Slider
    Another killer feature is the alert slider. There are times when you want to mute your phone without any one noticing(without taking out your phone from your trouser/jean pockets) or in a jiffy, this is just a blessing in disguise.

    Fingerprint Scanner
    The fingerprint reader is just crazy fast and accurate. You touch it and the screen is on. People coming from conventional lock screen will love this feature a lot and people from other latest devices will def notice the speed.

    Also there are a ton of simple but highly useful stuffs like configureable capacitive keys, UI themes(esp the dark one), Oxygen launcher, notification light, frequent updates, active community, gestures to name a few which make this piece of craft a immediately attractive, likeable and useful device.

    Things I don’t like

    There is almost none. But the phone tends to get hot after usage of some heavy apps. But a simple case would do wonders at the expense of not showing off your beautiful piece of hardware. Also to me the camera bump is a strict no-no. I know it has sapphire crystal, but then I am too scared to lay my phone down on any surface.

    Things which I would love to see in future

    Water resistance is the most important thing which I would like to see. Other minor things like IR blaster, a built in DAC would be a great addition.

    Congrats to our winners! Just to give you an idea of how many awesome reviews we received, here’s just a small sampling of some others:

    First of all thank you for this contest. I purchased Oneplus 3 and I am amazed by its performance. It is million Times better than any other phones. This is my 3rd oneplus 3 because I couldn't have a chance to use other previous 2 oneplus 3. Story started when I heard from one of my technology guru friend. He was talking about oneplus 1. And it took my attention. After a deep research over it. In 2017 I decided to buy oneplus but it was also most dissapointment moment of my life. Because in Turkey there was no store selling oneplus 3. I had to find it. I finally found a store but it was in Kiev city of Ukraine. But I told myself never settle... I reserved a hotel and flight tickets. I travelled to Kiev in the coldest time of year and found that store. And I was very excited. When i told that i came from Turkey to buy this phone store manager was in shock.I must admit that It was my happiest moment . Finally I achieved to buy a oneplus 3 a3000 which was chinese model. And then I returned to Turkey soon after one of my friend Who cant travel due to his wifes pregnancy wanted to buy it as soon as possible and I couldnt break him because he was one of my good friends. And had to sell it to him. I asked to one of my friend who travelled to europe if he could bring me oneplus 3 and he promised and kept his promise. But that one also had same fate as first one... Unfortunately I was again out of oneplus 3. All two of them had never been used by me. Now I have a oneplus 3. I'm writing this message from it. I hope that will be my owned one.

    1 ) Why choose Oneplus 3/3t

    Answer– I choose Oneplus 3 based on my friends tecnology experience and his Oneplus products reviews on magazines.after my deep researches I truly believed it is a great phone.

    2 ) Favorite Feature & Why

    Answer– I can say that oneplus 3 has all in one. Slogan should be changed as '' all in one for every one. '' Well Its amazing processing speed is unbelievable but real... It's far beyond other smart phones. There is no hanging, heating & lagging issues . The design & built up is very premium, it looks elegant.it makes me feel special and unique. So I can't even put it in my pocket.Dash Charge tecnology saves my life. Time is precious. We all have Got exactly same 24 hours but why we tortune ourselves by waiting in front of electricity plugs for complete charge !

    3 ) Any Improvements or recommendations

    Answer - the back camera should be located as same height as body . I mean It can be more stylish. Different screen size options would be great. if Oneplus next models comes in two screen size variants I would definetely buy compact size for my nephew who has small hands. I would suggest to produce more body color options for us. Besides I would love to see on next oneplus models with chinese logos,Dragon, tiger. Etc P. S. In Turkey you have already fame but still not available to buy in any store. We want to see you in Turkey.
    Thank you for this contest. Its really not important for me being a winner It's great to find a chance to express my true feelings towards to you.

    Kind Regards

    One of the biggest Oneplus Fan,

    Mustafa (hexus01)

    First of all thank you for the contest, I am glad to see you keeping the community intensively alive, with such competitions. I am going to introduce my point of view for your questions mentioned.

    My relationship with OnePlus, and reasons why I chose your product.

    My love with OnePlus is quite a new-born thing for me. One of my friends is an old OnePlus user, and he suggested, that I could buy product of yours, as he was maximally satisfied with his OnePlus X. I have always been a Samsung user, but I got bored of the bloatware I found on their products, so I decided to look for something cleaner, and faster. One day I saw something interesting about OnePlus. A thing called Oxygen OS. I became enthusiastic about it, and I made a search for it. I found out, that it was the user interface I was looking for. In addition, I am really performance centralised, so I was over the moon seeing the Snapdragon 821 and the 6 gb of RAM hiding inside of the 3T. Also I saw amazingly sharp, and colourful pictures taken with a OnePlus 3T on several forums. This was important for me, as I am extremely outgoing, and adventurous. I am a true never-settling type. Another reason why I chose the 3T was that I was astonished by the design. For me OnePlus makes the most beautiful phones. Both the black facing side and the specially coloured rear side of my Gunmetal 3T make me feel like it is what a phone should look like.

    What I like about my device, is that it has the fastest and the most accurate fingerprint sensor I have ever seen. Nowadays it is an outstanding feature, that you are able to secure your private data that precisely. Secondly it is very useful that it is as light as a feather. Not a user wants to hold a brick in his hands. Thirdly the multi-window and the shelf functions are insane! They save me plenty of time, and make my weekdays easier and more comfortable. During gaming, I get the experience, I have always wanted. Dash charge nearly makes my life totally portable. I was used to be lying next to my phone while it was charging for hours. Now I get a day’s power in half an hour as it was advertised. Furthermore I can take so beautiful pictures with my 3T, they even deserve to be called masterpieces, not just photos.

    As for the improvements, I would recommend you to do, I have only one or two ideas. If I worked for the company, I would emphasize the extremely light weight of the 3T even more in the advertisements. As an advice, I would ask you to keep the current above-average quality of your support about both the firmware development, and the costumers. Before I bought my 3T I asked some questions at the support centre, and I immediately got the answers in the most sociable language and in the most helpful form that I have ever seen. Finally I was fascinated by the quality of the package, which you sent the device in. The product had no chance to be damaged during the shipping process.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my point view.

    Greetings from Hungary,

    Balint aka tbalnt

    Una Smartphone quasi perfetto “ONEPLUS 3”
    Italiano :

    Questo OnePlus 3 ha stupito davvero tutti, come richiesto da noi fan ancora una volta siete riusciti a costruire e mettere sul mercato un dispositivo con Performance Incredibile ma ad un costo contenuto. Questo conferma che OnePlus ha mantenuto l’idea e la filosofia adottata fin dalla nascita ovvero “Ottima qualità a prezzo contenuto”.

    1) Perché ho scelto OnePlus 3?

    Per rispondere sinceramente alla vostra domanda, oneplus è diventata una scelta di vita per me, dal lontano 2014 quando ho conosciuto e acquistato OnePlus ONE ho deciso che i miei prossimi Smartphone saranno tutti targato ONEPLUS.
    Per rispondere in modo collettivo, ho scelto OP3 per la qualità costruttiva, le performance di altissimo livello, il PREZZO e soprattutto una community grandissima che offre molteplici risorse.

    2) Qual è la caratteristica preferita del mio OnePlus 3?

    - La caratteristica preferita del OP3 è soprattutto il design, delicato e raffinato, bello da toccare e da tenere in mano, insomma qualcosa di spettacolare…
    - La Fotocamera in grado di regalare scatti stupendi, quasi in qualsiasi situazione…
    - Il sistema Dash-Charge che mi ha colpito fin da subito, anzi mi complimento con voi per aver creato una tecnologia di ricarica rapida propria, senza adottare quelle già in commercio. Con questa tecnologia l OP3 da l impressione di non scaricarsi mai, poiché appena collegato alla sorgente elettrico si ricarica in modo strabiliante, raggiungendo in soli 15 minuti il 30% di carica…
    - Oxygen OS un Sistema stabile e in continuo miglioramento, con aggiornamenti graduali e con una community Beta (di cui faccio felicemente parte) che migliora l esperienza dell’ utente finale, segnalando Bug e consigli per le versioni future. Oxygen OS possiede un interfaccia semplice e ospitale che riesce fin da subito a cogliere la nostra attenzione…
    - Il lettore d’impronte digitali in grado di sbloccare OP3 in un lasso di tempo quasi impercettibile, secondo me il migliore nei Smartphone in commercio.

    3) Suggerimenti su cosa migliorare/aggiungere?

    Secondo una mia opinione OnePlus 3 uno Smartphone quasi perfetto, io avrei alcuni consigli:

    • Una fotocamera migliore negli scatti notturni, con aggiunta uno stabilizzatore Laser;
    • Un display QHD con tecnologia IPS;
    • Sensore IR;
    • Batteria con durata superiore (4000~4200 mAh) ;

    Grazie ancora OnePlus per l'impegno e la disponibilità mostrata durante questi anni nei confronti di tutti noi fan e componenti della Community, ma soprattutto nei confronti degli utenti, con servizi di assistenza efficienti e aggiornamenti costanti…

    Grazie Mille ONEPLUS,


    A Smartphone almost perfect "ONEPLUS 3"

    This OnePlus 3 really surprised everyone, as required by us fans once again you have managed to build and bring to market a device with incredible performance but at a low cost. This confirms that OnePlus has kept the idea and philosophy adopted from birth or "Excellent price to quality content."

    1) Why I chose OnePlus 3?

    To truthfully answer to your question, OnePlus has become a way of life for me, from the distant 2014 when I met and bought OnePlus ONE I decided that my next smartphone will all OnePlus.

    To answer collectively, chose OP3 for the build quality, the performances of the highest level, the PRICE and above all a great community that offers multiple resources.

    2) What is your favorite feature of my OnePlus 3?

    - The favorite feature of the OP3 is mainly the design, delicate and refined, beautiful to touch and to hold, in short, something spectacular ...

    - The camera can give beautiful shots, almost in any situation ...

    - The Dash-Charge system that struck me right away, in fact I commend you for creating a fast charge technology itself, without adopting those already on the market. With this technology the OP3 by the impression of never discharged, as soon as connected to the electric source is recharged so amazing, reaching in just 15 minutes 30% charge ...

    - Oxygen OS a stable and continuous system improvement, with gradual updates and a Beta community (to which I happily part) that enhances the experience of the 'end user, reporting bugs and suggestions for future versions. Oxygen OS has a simple and friendly interface that can immediately grasp our attention ...

    - The fingerprint reader can unlock OP3 in a period almost imperceptible, in my opinion the best smartphone in the market.

    3) Tips on what to improve / add?

    According to my opinion OnePlus 3 an almost perfect smartphone, I would have a few tips:

    • A better camera in night shots, with one addition Laser stabilizer;
    • A QHD display with IPS technology;
    • IR sensor;
    • Battery with superior durability (4000 ~ 4200 mAh);

    Thanks again for OnePlus commitment and willingness shown during these years to all us fans and members of the community but especially to users with efficient assistance and constant updates ...

    Grazie Mille OnePlus,

    1. Why you chose OP3/3T?

    “Go big or go home”

    Well it is the best deal you can get on an Android flagship. So much power in a beautifully designed and neat product.
    I fell in love with the 3 and when the 3T came out the spec bump made me switch to the T side immediately!

    On day to day usage you can feel taht it is a great choice: top notch performance, great build quality , great camera (capabilities), day-lasting battery and a stock Android experience with some clever improvements (added by the OOS) that make the smartphone work flawlessly.

    2. What your favorite feature(s) are and why?

    Sure Dash Charge is the one that makes the difference, it really provides "A day's power in half an hour" :O (and it doesn’t stress the phone nor the battery, it is always cold to the touch, not a single overheating) that’s insane! You will not worry to get a powebank or to run home to charge your phone, ever again ;)

    Right after that there’s the form factor/build quality, I mean, a 5.5” display smartphone that has extremely thin bezels and a great display-body ratio, it makes it easy to hold and use with one hand, therefore has - what I like to call- a great “pinky spot” and is a very good looking phone overall.

    3. If there’s one thing that you think still needs to be perfected, what is it?

    “Never Settle”

    The camera, and by camera I mean the camera software or the way OOS handles the process of taking and saving pictures.
    The optics are great both front and back, but there’s some strange post processing issues on point and shoot pics (with no HDR nor HQ enabled).

    I actually only use it on manual mode and photos are really sharp, nice to look at even on bigger screen and are impressively detailed, but sometimes as I said in auto mode there are some minor issues.
    The same goes for video recording, for the OIS and DIS (but with the latest updates I notice some nice improvements)

    Thanks, fonzobreaker.

    Why I chose OnePlus 3T?

    First of all I love both of its solid hardware and stock android like software experience. With 6GB large ram makes my multitasking experience to next level. Also love the premium outlook feeling and 16 Megapixel back and front camera.

    What are my favorite features and why?

    Security is always my number one priority. I also love its security patch updates and android OS updates. I always love new updates for everything, and OnePlus always keep me on that track. With new updates lots of new features really love those. I really feel secure at my OnePlus with security and fastest fingerprint scanner.

    I am a Photography lover! Yes OnePlus 3T back 16MP camera is really awesome! I can take amazing photos with this camera in manual mood, which lets me control my Aperture, Sutter Speed, ISO and white balance like DSLR. Another interesting feature is saving the images in RAW format. Raw formats with 240 DPI, which is beyond my imagination on mobile photography. RAW images make it easy for my post editing in Photoshop and Lightroom.

    Also love the alert slider and off-screen gestures which makes the day to day tasks much faster. The fastest thing love in OnePlus is DASH charging it’s really amazing in my latest android 7.1.1 Oxygen OS 4.1.3. Stable update. After clean flash of this update my battery backup is amazing!

    If there’s one thing that I think still needs to be perfected, what is it?

    The Oxygen OS itself needs to be more perfect. Some updates are very good but I had some bad experiences with beta updates, like app crashing, battery drain. Another feature you can add inbuilt theme manager. So that we can customize more.

    There were just too many (100+!) amazing reviews and we couldn’t post them all here. Be sure to check out the entry thread to see them all.

    That’s all for now! Thanks again to everyone who participated.
    Stay tuned for our next contests, cheers!

    Note: If you were selected as a winner, you'll receive a voucher code via private message within the next 48 hours. All the contestants in this contest will receive 10 points each within the next 72 hours.

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