[Poll] Invites for a Cause


Which charity should receive the money raised from the eBay auction?

Poll closed May 30, 2014.
  1. Water.org

    2,548 vote(s)
  2. Unicef

    2,778 vote(s)
  3. WWF

    1,247 vote(s)
  4. 1% for the Planet

    680 vote(s)
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  1. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Administrator Staff Member


    By now, most of the 100 chosen smashers have received their phones. We’re happy to say that out of those 100, 86 winners decided to donate their old phone to our friends at Medic Mobile, who will help to refurbish these phones for use by healthcare workers in impoverished regions of the world.

    We’ve loved seeing the OnePlus community give back, and so wanted to do even more good with the help of our fans. So, we’ve decided to auction off a “super pack” of invites. That’s right, the highest bidder will be the proud new owner of 15 invites for the OnePlus One - to be used (one) and given away (the rest).

    What will happen with the money is up to you. We have preselected the four charities below to receive 100% of the money raised. They are all geared towards helping the environment and/ or impoverished regions around the world which is something we can all feel great about supporting.

    If you’d like, feel free to rally together and bid as a group. After all, 15 invites are a lot for just one person. The important thing is that we kick off the first of many opportunities to get some invites and raise money for a great cause while doing so.

    Take a look at the four pre-selected charities below and vote for your favorite!

    We are glad to see the amount of participation we have had in this poll over the past two days. The results are tight but Unicef is the clear winner.

    eBay offers the option to choose between two different projects from UNICEF: U.S. Fund for UNICEF or UNICEF Tap Water Project.

    Having seen that a lot of our forum users voted for Water.org we have decided to donate 100% of the money we raise from this auction to Unicef’s Tap Water Project.

    With $1, UNICEF can provide a child with access to clean, safe water for 40 days. Let’s see how many kids we can help together :)

    The auction will open today, May 31 at 9:00 am EDT time and close at Saturday, June 7 at 9:00 am EDT time. Click the link and start bidding -> [SOON]

    EDIT 2:

    We are contacting eBay to find out why they cancelled the auction. We'll re-launch it sometime next week, time when we will re-open this thread. Thanks for your support!


    Auction happening here: http://forums.oneplus.net/threads/invites-for-a-cause-the-auction.26094/
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  2. Darnell

    Darnell Level: KitKat Moderator

    86 out of 100 donated their phones! I did not expect such a high percentage. That's amazing and beautiful to here about this auction of invites for charity. You guys are doing things right In my humble opinion.

    In regards of which charity to be chosen, clean Water is an overlooked luxury for most people. Although I think the entire forum should take their time to learn about each and choose to support them if they have the means to.
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  3. aquila

    aquila Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Water is essential...
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  4. alextdarling

    alextdarling Level: Jelly Bean

    Great idea, but paying for the right to buy a phone is abit annoying, despite the fact it's for a good cause
  5. Reverb

    Reverb Level: KitKat

    Great action!

    edit: the reserved posts above me are annoying. they desperately want likes and are searching for some stupid meme atm.
  6. xaser240

    xaser240 Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    I approve this message, My vote goes to water.org
  7. Tucker_UK

    Tucker_UK Level: KitKat

    Good job, OPO!

    I'm more than willing to donate my current phone in exchange for an invite or 15! ;)


    In all seriousness: I love the fact that you're not only helping us out with our new gadgets but also thousands across the world who need help with admittedly more important things too.
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  8. Protherius

    Protherius Level: Honeycomb

  9. H4mst3r

    H4mst3r Level: KitKat

    on my bank acc :D
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  10. sturmen

    sturmen Level: Doughnut

    I'm glad y'all are supporting charity.
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  11. likebutta

    likebutta Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Water is life.
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  12. fabian.roth

    fabian.roth Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    i am for unicef and this is very nice of u OnePlus
    good Job :)
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  13. joens

    joens Level: KitKat

    Sounds good!
    Great idea.

    But I wonder if the total would't be more if you made smaller actions of 2 invites.
    I could buy 15 if they were chaep, but I don't need 15... would rather buy a 2-pack...

    If you think like this:

    15-pack ~ $100-$200
    2-pack ~ $30-$50

    10 of the 2-pack should give more money than one 15-pack.

    I won't give more for a 15-pack than a 2-pack because then I have to try to sell the invites in second hand and that is't moraly correct. In my opinion.

    Otherwise I have to gather 15 of my friends to buy it together, or in the forum. But then I have to give my money to a random person I don't trust with the chance that he takes the money for himself.

    The chance that 2-pack don't end in tears is much bigger. And probably would end of with more money.
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  14. MrAndroid

    MrAndroid Level: Jelly Bean

    So we gather money for a charity, and the one that gathers most gets 15 invites?
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  15. frankaaskov

    frankaaskov Level: Gingerbread

    It should really be WWF.
  16. CopierColler

    CopierColler Level: Froyo

    I voted Water.org because I think everyone should have access to water in the world.
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  17. ivan118

    ivan118 Level: Gingerbread

    Great job !! Voted !!!
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  18. AdrianCaro

    AdrianCaro Level: Jelly Bean

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  19. johnnytensai

    johnnytensai Level: Jelly Bean

    the world loves you because of your love~
    thank you
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  20. josefalbadry

    josefalbadry Level: Gingerbread

    Seems legit.
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