Photos from OnePlus Camera? With comparisons!

  1. Akki

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    I just saw an article on, a Chinese site. According to them, the below photos are captured with OnePlus One!!
    Note:"They are not FULL RES photos and are compressed"
    Thread updated, more photos added.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Source: (In Chinese)

    EDIT: Here's a little translation
    "From the point of view proofs, color reproduction and white balance outstanding performance, macro and depth of field is also worth noting, however, because the micro-blog on the picture quality is compressed, so it is unable to determine the details of how to show in the end."

    Camera comparison

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Pretty much says everything :)

    Official one posted by Carl (from the prototype)
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  2. fabripav

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    I guess they are (Carl pre-announced samples appearing today). I like them. Not over-saturated, natural colours.
  3. Kailash Ravuri

    Kailash Ravuri Level: Gingerbread

    Wow the focusing of he camera is looking pretty good. It is capturing good amount of depth and color.
    From the 3rd/4th pics it shows it is doing too much in beautification effect ... :p:p:p
    It's more than happy... if they have posted some pics from low light also...... :D:D:D
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  4. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    Really, colours are looking awesome ;)
    We need wait for the confirmation :)
  5. Sirs0ri

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    Please not again.. We had these images in another thread earlier this day. There was quite a long discussion about the quality, that ended in some other leaks that might prove the existence of an SD card slot that thread has been deleted by now.
  6. morozsean

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    I don't know, but they sure do look good!
  7. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    I guess 4th one is a selfie, that means there are some beautification effects included in the software for selfies :D
  8. nguser

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    Beautiful photos! Curious about low light conditions :D
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  9. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    I'm sorry, I haven't read that thread.
  10. D9inho

    D9inho Level: Gingerbread

    Impressed with the depth of field, colours look natural. The last 4 photos are a bit too over exposed for my liking but they are taken against what looks to be quite a bright sky.
  11. TheShortOfit

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    Well Find 7 has same camera... So you can still find many sample pics with this sensor ;) The reviews on that are very good
  12. fabripav

    fabripav Level: KitKat

    Different software though
  13. Utkal R Pradhan

    Utkal R Pradhan Level: Cupcake

    If the photos are from OPO, then think that you are really carrying a dSLR in your pocket. Just click, click and click :)
  14. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    Sure but all comes down to the software ;)
  15. infernowheels

    infernowheels Level: KitKat

    I'm no photo critic but the colors need more saturation in my opinion.
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  16. Kailash Ravuri

    Kailash Ravuri Level: Gingerbread

    Yaa.... obviously the beautification effect is needed for #Selfies only :D:D:D:D:D
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  17. someonesim

    someonesim Level: Jelly Bean

    Most beauty effect will pump up exposure so your skin looks white and bright. Hopefully it was due to mode selected, hopefully
  18. alextdarling

    alextdarling Level: Jelly Bean

    Coming from a nexus 5 user, these pics even at compressed are very impressive, I love this forum
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  19. infernowheels

    infernowheels Level: KitKat

    Yeah, hopefully, I expect more punchy colors.
  20. alextdarling

    alextdarling Level: Jelly Bean

    If the colors are more saturated then it looks more unrealistic, in my opinion