[Photomania] OnePlus One Camera Photos In Their Full Resolution Glory

  1. Martinrm

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    I created a Flickr account so you can see all the photos in 1 album!

    Update: EDITION 2 is out!


    Update: EDITION 3 Is out!

    Update: EDITION 4 Is out!

    Update: EDITION 5 Is out!

    Update: EDITION 6 Is out!

    Update: EDITION 7 Is out!

    Update: EDITION 8 Is out!

    Update: EDITION 9 Is out!

    Update: EDITION 10 Is out! OnePlus In the Air*

    More photos being posted on the G+ Soon, as well as the ones already posted here:

    Good Morning!

    What an exciting day, it is finally time to share some of my official photos taken from our very own OnePlus One camera. As some of you know i was one of the lucky winners of the photomania contest, and OnePlus has graciously given my the opportunity to try out the camera for myself. Here are a few photos i was able to snap today shortly after receiving "my precious" - said in the tone of Gollum -. I really want to test this camera in all conditions fairly, so here are some day, macro, sunlight, depth of field, and night shots for you all. Anyways without further ado, i present to you the OnePlus One. . . camera in all of its glory!

    Here are just some random pictures i was able to take around my campus, let’s say within 30 minutes of receiving it hah! *Note to the reader, due to the file sizes (some upwards of 10mb) pictures may be slow to load!*


    A few photos from last night when i went to Philly!
    (Those native to philly might have gone here more than a few time, however truth be told i went to pats instead haha)


    Many more photos coming soon!

    A note from the photographer
    Lets just all erase any doubt about this camera now, its simply a joy to take photographs with.
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  2. angeliou

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    Nice pics :D
  3. Spl4tt

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    hoh. Looks good.
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  4. Girondinho

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    Just impressive!
  5. noweakness

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    Are you allowed to do a review of the phone?
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  6. Spl4tt

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    hoh. Looks good.
  7. Adam Krisko

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    Very nice thanks for the pics.
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  8. jamalie4

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    holy shit!
    I have no words on how good the camera actually is and how well you take picture! Excellent photographer!
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    JAIGON Level: KitKat

    *clap* *clap* Really good photos! :) @Martinrm does the camera app live up to Its hype?
  10. TommyTripleT

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    great pictures
  11. mydragoon

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    can I suggest you upload them somewhere so anyone interested can download them separately?

    just need to post a smaller version here... else page takes too long to load.
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  12. Zaheef

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    Amazing ...
  13. oh_no

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    Wow nice pics !
  14. nebsif

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    show us how the prototype looks pls
  15. fabripav

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    Thanks for the pics @Martinrm. Are you allowed to talk about the camera app/UI and its features?
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  16. clayginn

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    Can you please go find a mirror and shot a couple:)
  17. Martinrm

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    Suggustions? I like imgur because it can deal with high load situations.

    I agree, these file sizes can be upwards of 10mb. . . takes a while to load yeahhhhh.
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  18. pixelatedjay

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    Brilliant photos! ;)
  19. Girondinho

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    @Martinrm Could you take pictures with the front camera too?
  20. Azdian

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    great, just great shots, loved the macro photos.