[PhotoMania] OnePlus One Camera Photos From France !

  1. ZeGaby

    ZeGaby Level: KitKat

    Update : Second session is here : [PhotoMania] OnePlus One Camera Photos From France !


    All the photos are published on my G+

    Good Morning !

    Here are my first pictures taken with the OnePlus One Camera !

    Hope you enjoy it, the Camera is very easy to use ;)

    I'll try to do my best to post more pictures as soon as possible !






    This gif was made with an app from the play store.






    I will post link for full size soon as i found where is the problem with Google+ ;)
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  2. boostedthunder

    boostedthunder Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Wow, these are some impressive shots indeed....
    OnePlus One is becoming less of want and more of a NEED right now
  3. Andrew Z

    Andrew Z Level: Ice Cream Sandwich Senior Moderator

    Thank you for sharing!
    Photos look real good.
  4. T00Sp00kyFoU

    T00Sp00kyFoU Level: Jelly Bean

    Looking pretty good. That panorama sky is looking a little uneven. :p
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  5. barallat

    barallat Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Great job ZeGaby,

    if none of the pics are in HDR mode, do you mind to try it? I'm curious to ser how CM11 and the 1+1 team resolve it.

    Thanks un advance.
  6. only1butfun

    only1butfun Level: Honeycomb

    Again amazing pictures!

    great colours, great quality and not to forget nice picture composition!

    Makes me wanna go out and shoot some pictures
  7. gmanphx

    gmanphx Level: KitKat

    The carrousel makes me happy.
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  8. mamosixx

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  9. T00Sp00kyFoU

    T00Sp00kyFoU Level: Jelly Bean

    the first one is definitely HDR. There is a haloing effect around the castle. Bothersome.
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  10. Maciej

    Maciej Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Pfff - 1 and 2 obviously is.
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  11. jamalie4

    jamalie4 Level: Jelly Bean

    yay :) thanks man
  12. lvpl

    lvpl Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    The photos are pretty nice.

    Notre Dame de Paris ? Seriously ? Why not Eiffel Tower, it's better ! :p

    Merci ZeGaby ! ;)
  13. finaldentiny

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  14. jamalie4

    jamalie4 Level: Jelly Bean

    You are an amazing photographer! :D Cheers
  15. triculious

    triculious Level: KitKat

    Said it before on @Martinrm's thread, this pics only make me want to have that phone more.

    Thanks on the pics @ZeGaby.
  16. lenny538

    lenny538 Level: Honeycomb

    Great photos! :) Please keep posting more :D
  17. arcriusone

    arcriusone Level: Gingerbread

    I am so relieved! I thought the initial photo leaks were not very good, but these are absolutely incredible! Just like the one in the photo contest.:D I am beyobd stoked to get an invite on the 23rd! :rolleyes:
  18. Maxelcoco

    Maxelcoco Level: KitKat

    Simple amazed.
  19. william provenaz

    william provenaz Level: Gingerbread

    Les français ont une chance de plus de gagner le one plus one
  20. Qutschibo

    Qutschibo Level: Froyo

    Mercie bien! First pics could be used as an advertisement for Paris tourism.