Oneplus One Running Miui Beta [video]

  1. anexonel

    anexonel Level: Gingerbread

    Here is my video of MIUI running on my OnePlus One.

    Before installing it on your phone:
    -It might void your warranty (because unofficial?)
    -It might brick your phone
    So be careful.
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  2. spsonkusare1

    spsonkusare1 Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    How about Ubuntu OS?

    Has anyone tested it on OPO. I am aware of Ubuntu on Nexus 5.
  3. Titan-Z

    Titan-Z Level: Ice Cream Sandwich


    What was wrong with CynogenMod?
  4. anexonel

    anexonel Level: Gingerbread

    Nothing, I am just testing it out for now.
  5. anexonel

    anexonel Level: Gingerbread

    It will actually be cool to have Ubuntu!
  6. Titan-Z

    Titan-Z Level: Ice Cream Sandwich


    Thanks for posting this video. I look forward to seeing you test out more custom roms.
  7. Armand

    Armand Level: Jelly Bean

    Cool video, not very attracted by miui but thanks :)
  8. aquila

    aquila Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Flashing won't avoid warranty in OnePlus.
  9. mi-photos

    mi-photos Level: Froyo

    Nice to see more and more Development :)
  10. Thejaimes111

    Thejaimes111 Level: Cupcake

    No links to download?
  11. mahar

    mahar Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    good info
  12. DanielFran

    DanielFran Level: KitKat

    Cool, thanks for sharing!
  13. Namab

    Namab Level: Honeycomb

    Useful for xiaomi's products users and MIUI fan, but, in my opinion, CM is a bit better. I tried these 2 roms, and CM gives more personalisationn and more options.
    But it's my opinion, and Miui stays a really good rom too :)
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  14. karawai

    karawai Level: KitKat

    thanks for sharing
  15. Mark Joseph

    Mark Joseph Level: KitKat

    this make me want to do my own version of android,

    seeing that all the neccesarry apps are already there,
    i might do a repack and add my own created layout,icon,everything design will be created by me,

    then ima call it the daddy os, lol
    actually i'm gonna do that.
  16. anexonel

    anexonel Level: Gingerbread

    Ya, same here. I prefer CM11s over MIUI V5.
  17. undyingsum

    undyingsum Level: Doughnut

    I didn't see the ROM in your download section. Are you going to put it up? Thanks
  18. sed1040

    sed1040 Level: Honeycomb

    Why you want change OS, cyanogenmod rules!!!
  19. pin2high

    pin2high Level: Honeycomb

    thanks for posting.
  20. Parinya-f

    Parinya-f Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Waiting for more tests on other ROM. Thanks.