OnePlus One Launch Day: 04/23/2014

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  1. Carl

    Carl Administrator Staff Member

    We're almost ready to showcase our baby to the world. On April 23, the OnePlus One will be fully unveiled.

    Forget gimmicks and bloat. It's time to return to the product itself. Its design, its build quality. The feeling you get when using it. It's time to return to user value, and make all the necessary choices to ensure that in the end, it's the user that benefits.

    Thanks for everyone's patience and support over the last few months. We promise it will be worth it.

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  2. Faulken

    Faulken Level: Gingerbread

    OMG! <3
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  3. Adam Krisko

    Adam Krisko Head Moderator

    Hell Yeah!!
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  4. Utkal R Pradhan

    Utkal R Pradhan Level: Cupcake

  5. muddy46

    muddy46 Moderator Coordinator

    LOVING IT!!! @Carl Now can you tell us how to solve this riddle?
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  6. Faulken

    Faulken Level: Gingerbread

    Less than one month...
    Our precious is near :)
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    _ASSASSIN_ Level: Jelly Bean

  8. Robert W

    Robert W Moderator

    April 23rd! :eek:

    So soon!
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  9. Andi Sykes

    Andi Sykes Level: Froyo

    Wow this is exciting news !
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  10. Adam Krisko

    Adam Krisko Head Moderator

    Like you didn't know.. lol
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  11. SoulTribunal

    SoulTribunal Level: Jelly Bean

    I... I don't know if i can wait that long man... I... I need my fix now ya know? :p
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  12. harvey

    harvey Level: Honeycomb

  13. riffraff81

    riffraff81 Level: KitKat

    FIST PUMP!!!

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  14. Utkal R Pradhan

    Utkal R Pradhan Level: Cupcake

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  15. ML_Heng

    ML_Heng Level: Honeycomb

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  16. RuMziii

    RuMziii Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    this is some news :D
  17. shadymilkman

    shadymilkman Level: Honeycomb

    This is great news! Before the G3 as well... I hope launch is soon after :)
  18. ram gupta

    ram gupta Moderator

    Now thats what I am talking about.:D
  19. Chinda

    Chinda Highlander Moderator

    Yeah i saw that to, must been typing mistake & quick re edit lol oh well at least we know the launch/conference date now :)
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  20. shadymilkman

    shadymilkman Level: Honeycomb

    WiShFuL thinking!!

    surprised @GregOrevo isnt in on this...
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