OnePlus One - All You Need to Know

  1. Rob W

    Rob W Level: Jelly Bean Senior Moderator

    Hello everyone! We wanted to compile a running thread with all of the most important and informational topics all in one place.

    We'll keep this updated as time goes on and more information comes out. This is mostly for official threads, but some of the best user threads will also be linked at the bottom as well.

    [Company Information]
    [Design Philosophy]
    Official released phone information:
    • 5.5" JDI 1080p display
    • Snapdragon 801 (MSM8974AC - Quad-core at 2.5GHz)
    • 3100+mAh battery (non-removable)
    • Sony Exmor IMX214 6-Lens 13MP camera
    • 5MP Front-Facing camera
    • 3GB of RAM
    • 16GB & 64GB Variants
    • Stereo Speakers
    • StyleSwap Covers - Multiple materials/textures
    • Single-SIM card
    • Global LTE
    • GSM Only
    • Something better than pre-orders
    • No front branding
    • 2 year CyanogenMod support

    [Rules & Forum Info]
    [Epic User Threads]
  2. Josef Džujík

    Josef Džujík Level: Gingerbread

    Nice overview @Robert W, thanks :)
    I am excited about the "Something better than pre-orders" and also about every update of this post.
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  3. sainjoub

    sainjoub Level: KitKat

    Something better than pre-orders????????
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  4. Andrew Z

    Andrew Z Level: Ice Cream Sandwich Senior Moderator

    Nice thread @Robert W ! Thank you for making forum more structured.

    Interesting, when we are going to have more information on "Something better than pre-orders"... Hope there would be some teaser about that before 23rd of April unveiling.

    EDIT: Please make the thread sticky (meaning on starting page aka recent threads, not only in OnePlus One category)
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  5. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    Thanks Rob, for the one stop guide :)
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  6. sainjoub

    sainjoub Level: KitKat

    More information if possible Robert W please? Otherwise it trotting in my head all day.
  7. jclgan

    jclgan Level: Honeycomb

    I think "something better than pre-orders" caught my eye the most! :D Maybe there's an "earlybird discount"... or how about something wildly radical like "try before you buy"? ;)
  8. nguser

    nguser Level: KitKat Head Moderator

    I politely ask you to stop teasing me, Rob.
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  9. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    Impossible :p
    They continue to tease until the unveiling ;)
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  10. Sparkolo

    Sparkolo Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    Woah, I've an epic thread!!! :D
    Good one Robert, very great thread here ;)
  11. triculious

    triculious Level: KitKat

    Something better than preorders?

  12. wollax

    wollax Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    … something better than pre-order … sounds really good to me …. hope this is not april full for everyone :) :)
    waiting for more details please …..
  13. mydragoon

    mydragoon Level: KitKat

    great... dem tease.

    i so hate OnePlus team for this. where's that fav admin/ mod thread. need to downgrade ppl... lolz... :rolleyes:
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  14. shadymilkman

    shadymilkman Level: Honeycomb

    cool consolidation thread, thanks!
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  15. mydragoon

    mydragoon Level: KitKat

    "Something better than pre-orders"

    pre-deliveries. delivery phones before we even buy them... :)
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  16. mydragoon

    mydragoon Level: KitKat

    2 years CyanogenMod support.

    hmmm... i guess this is different from 2 years hardware warranty. i guess further... hardware warranty will be based on local laws?
  17. fabripav

    fabripav Level: KitKat

    They mean that software updates are granted directly from CM, for 2 years.
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  18. nguser

    nguser Level: KitKat Head Moderator

    "2 years CyanogenMod support" means that OnePlus One will receive software updates for 2 years since the launch.
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  19. mydragoon

    mydragoon Level: KitKat

    yup, i know... i think Google made it minumum18 months for the manufacturers...

    just that i had initially thought that hardware warranty is also 24 months.
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  20. sainjoub

    sainjoub Level: KitKat

    Snapdragon 801 (Unknown clock and model)? 2.3GHz or 2.5 ghz? OPO guys are not nice, come on guys please give us a few details.