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    We're really happy about the fact that our phone is one of the first to run a recognized custom ROM out of the box. For most of you, the phone comes fully equipped out of the box and that's good. We know there's tinkerers out there, though, who like to try a bunch of new stuff; that's why we started this development forum.

    Today, we're launching our own version of AOSP for those who want that 100% pure Android feel. We've worked hard at this so we hope you'll enjoy it, but keep in mind it is a work in progress. Make sure to read the known issues list below and follow the instructions.





    1. Place the downloaded .zip somewhere easily accessible on your phone - I use /Download
    2. Unlock bootloader and acquire custom recovery (TWRP recommended) from here:
    3. Reboot to recovery (power off, then power + volume down until it vibrates)
    4. Wipe your device (incl. cache & dalvik)
    5. Flash the .zip
    (5.1) Flash Gapps (you'll have to do a quick search for this - we cannot distribute them.)
    6. Reboot



    - Warranty info: Doing this does not void your warranty. If you brick your phone, however, you're on your own. We will repair it, but that's not covered by warranty.
    - Please don't use toolkits. Learning how this works is good for you.



    - Fixed USB/AC charging bug
    - Improvements to in-call volume

    - Added a ton of new languages
    - Added navbar switch - go to Settings -> Display -> Software buttons to enable them
    - Added support for 4K video
    - Bumped camera resolution to 13MP

    Known issues

    Do hunt for bugs with us - with the help of you, our bleeding-edge users, we’ll be able to improve this product until it’s 100% stable and beyond.
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  2. rickneworleansla

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    Nice. I was wondering if there would be a stock Android release. Cant wait to try this. Thanks!
  3. xaser240

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    Nice to see more roms becoming available.
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  4. rnmhaag

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    It's great to have a development forum that grows out of interest in a single product...I really appreciate the work that goes into developing the rom. Thanks for the effort.
  5. Kazekumiho

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    Yeah! I'll stick with CM until I hate it, but thanks!

    +1 for "Please don't use toolkits. Learning how this works is good for you." XD
  6. Masson

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    Wow, this is neat.

  7. decane

    decane Level: Froyo

    that is fast
  8. Tadrish

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  9. kwanzee

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  10. Waterdroid

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    Great, this is the best way for ROM builders to start off! Thanks for making this way easier. :)
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  11. Davidian

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    Neat work.
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  12. Squibz

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    I wasn't expecting this at all. This is nice for the small amount of people who don't like CM. Will it come with frequent updates?
  13. mirzatron

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  14. Danish2980

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    Thank you ! :)
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  15. avargaslopez

    avargaslopez Level: Froyo

    This is wicked sweet. I might try this if I get tired of the CM11S nightlies.
  16. rickneworleansla

    rickneworleansla Level: Jelly Bean

    Agreed. A few days ago I was attempting to use one of the toolkits. After a couple of hours I gave up and switched to the command line. I was done in a few minutes.
  17. yonoshiro

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    Brilliant. I am currently on Mahdi ROM but I applaud your team's innovation in Software support and ROM releases. :)
  18. YaronS

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  19. m_zuned

    m_zuned Level: Jelly Bean

    This is cool stuff. But I've been using CM on s3 and kinda like it as it's more customisable then stock android.
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  20. jerrah

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    yea, this came out of left field, but its pretty cool.
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