[MEGA THREAD] OP5T Battery/Heating Issues and Tips: Share Your Stats & How To Improve Battery Life !

  1. Leb96 Cupcake Jan 11, 2018

    Leb96, Jan 11, 2018 :
    guys i have my oneplus 5t only 3 days . is this normal ? battery its awfull....

  2. Spigkos Gingerbread Jan 11, 2018

    Spigkos, Jan 11, 2018 :
    άρχοντα, if you can upload the rest info as to see SOT . did you used it for gaming at that period?

  3. Leb96 Cupcake Jan 11, 2018

  4. Spigkos Gingerbread Jan 11, 2018

    Spigkos, Jan 11, 2018 :
    tap οθόνη to see how many hours your screen was on till now. γενικά μετράει με το μέσο όρο πού το έχεις χρησιμοποιήσει ως τώρα.αν πχ το αφήσεις το κινητό μισή ώρα χωρίς να κάνεις τίποτα τότε και θα ανέβει πολύ ο εκτιμώμενος χρόνος χρήσης.

  5. Leb96 Cupcake Jan 11, 2018

    Leb96, Jan 11, 2018 :
    here it is. πώς το βλέπεις ? έχει κανένα θέμα η είναι κομπλέ ?

  6. Spigkos Gingerbread Jan 11, 2018

    Spigkos, Jan 11, 2018 :
    μπόμπα,τουφεκάει ! δηλαδή στο 78% και το χρησιμοποιείς ήδη 2,5 ώρες κοντά.αν το στραγγίξεις έτσι θα φτάσεις άνετα μέχρι 9 μην σου πω και παραπάνω συνεχόμενης χρήσης. τέλεια είναι.(so for the little "spoiler" for not speaking English)

  7. Leb96 Cupcake Jan 11, 2018

    Leb96, Jan 11, 2018 :
    μια χαρά τότε γιατί προέρχομαι από galaxy s8 με χαλιά μπαταρία και ο λόγος που πήρα αυτό το κινητό είναι η τουμπανο μπαταρία του! σε ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλε για τη βοήθεια. έχεις βάλει την αναβάθμιση για oreo ?

  8. Spigkos Gingerbread Jan 11, 2018

  9. Leb96 Cupcake Jan 11, 2018

  10. FlixbusLennart Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 11, 2018

    FlixbusLennart, Jan 11, 2018 :
    Try out toggling advanced optimization on. it's in the battery settings under
    optimization - 3 dot menu in the top right corner - advanced optimization
    Should help.

    btw, 24hrs of use is normal.

  11. ChiefRhoads Donut Jan 11, 2018

    ChiefRhoads, Jan 11, 2018 :
    There are a few things that could be at play here.

    1. What is your screen brightness at? Do you have it on manual or automatic?

    2. What was your cell reception during the timeframe of this "test"? The better reception area your phone is in the least amount of battery will be utilized to power the antenna. When I am in a bad reception area my old phones (haven't had the OP5T long enough to say, but imagine it is the same) would drain battery really fast.

    3. What were you watching/doing with your phone. If it is gaming for example, your battery will be working harder to power the GPU for example.

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  12. DJCHAUHAN99 Froyo Jan 12, 2018

    DJCHAUHAN99, Jan 12, 2018 :
    location is of, but data is always on

  13. G_Molnár_Attila_ngQH Cupcake Jan 12, 2018

    G_Molnár_Attila_ngQH, Jan 12, 2018 :
    Screenshot_20180111-204810.jpg Screenshot_20180111-204803.jpg Screenshot_20180111-204821.jpg Screenshot_20180111-204821.jpg

    This is my usage from yesterday. My first screen on time was about 5 hours and i was worried as well seeing others battery life so dont be afraid you probably have a good battery too just needs some optimazation.
    I think its not bad but im interested in your opinion too.
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  14. d_hussan786 Froyo Jan 12, 2018

    d_hussan786, Jan 12, 2018 :
    Exact same situation with me matey. It's an absolute beauty when it comes to day to day use.

  15. Leb96 Cupcake Jan 12, 2018

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  16. G_-_TaMiB0Y_-_hZEG Cupcake Jan 12, 2018

  17. pablofg1978 Spanish POC Assistant Head Moderator Jan 12, 2018

    pablofg1978, Jan 12, 2018 :

  18. J1513616526106 Cupcake Jan 13, 2018

  19. Hydra Bob Jelly Bean Jan 13, 2018

  20. Ceasedd Marshmallow Jan 13, 2018

    Ceasedd, Jan 13, 2018 :
    Check what's running in the background.

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