[MEGA THREAD] OP5 Battery/Heating Tips: Share Your Stats & How To Improve Battery Life !!


What has been your first experience with the OnePlus 5 Screen-On Time?

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  1. Funk Wizard KitKat Moderator Jun 28, 2017

    Funk Wizard, Jun 28, 2017 :
    Hi All,

    I've always got good battery life on my devices but seen a lot of people say otherwise. My experience with Cheeseburger is no different and i see a slight improvement over 3T for my usage.

    Before we begin, let me clarify that battery backup and SOT depends on your usage and may differ from user to user, however if you follow the below, you would surely get better results.

    These are some of the basic settings that i use on most of my Android Devices !!

    I Disable/Turn off all the stuff that i don't need and only turn it on when required:

    Google Play Store > Settings > Do not Auto update app
    Turn off Notification > Apps were Auto Updated

    Chrome > Settings > Data Saver On

    Turn Off Google Now / Assistant (I use them seldom)

    Settings > Google > Search > Voice > Disable OK Google Detection

    Settings > Google > Search > Disable Your Feed

    Settings > Wi-Fi > Settings > Switch Off > Smart Wifi Switcher, Scanning Always & Network Notification

    Settings > Location > Scanning > Turn off WiFi & Bluetooth Scanning

    Bluetooth, GPS, NFC (Turn on only when needed)

    Disable Gestures that you don't use

    Disable Adaptive Brightness

    Enable Doze Mode from Developer Options and Activate Advanced Optimizations under Batter Optimizations (Dont Optimize Frequent Notification Apps like Social Media and Messaging apps )

    Under Developer Options Enable App WLAN Multi/Broadcastting Filter

    Set Window and Transition scale to 0.5

    Settings > Backup & Reset > Turn Off Backup My Data (Reduces Android System Drain) - Can be turned on once a week for a day of you don't have any other means to backup your data.

    Settings > Advance > Recent App Management > Normal Clear

    You may also Disable Auto Sync & Turn on when needed (Optional depending on requirement)

    Further Tune the experimental feature which are hidden in settings:
    • Apps Auto Launch
    • Aggressive Doze & App Hibernation Settings
    • Autorun when Power Up

    Required Nova Launcher​

    Widgets > Activities > Message Centre > Apps Auto Launch

    You can also go through this and this thread for more tips.

    These were some of the basic tips that i wanted to share, if i get good response ill share pro tips for rooted users which will further enhance your user experience and better the standby times.

    I shall upload some screenshots for the stats.

    I look forward to your feedback !!


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  2. Funk Wizard KitKat Moderator Jun 28, 2017

    Funk Wizard, Jun 28, 2017 :
    [How To] Take Log's on OOS/H2OS | Oneplus Logkit | Bug Reports [​IMG]

    Hi All :)

    To begin with let me Thank You All for your Active Participation and Feedback on various issues and concerns regarding OxygenOS.

    Hypothetically if we sell 100 devices, there will be about 95 who will be happy with our device and services, and say 5 who will not be happy, the sad part is that most of the 95 customers will not take the hassle to put in a good word for the company but the 5 unhappy ones will do everything possible to share their poor experience with all the community.

    I see that although users are able to reproduce various issues, however very few actually go ahead and submit the logs. Without the logs/bug report its very difficult for the ROM Team to reproduce the same issue and hence takes longer time to identify and kill these issues [​IMG]

    We would appreciate regular feedback/bug reports/logs from our users to diagnose issues and rectify them [​IMG]

    Thus to make it simpler, let me introduce you to the OnePlus Logkit which is an OOS in-built feature to capture logs and does not require root access or any special permissions. If you follow the below you can easily take logs and submit for further testing and it does not matter if you are a stock or rooted user :wink:

    Before we begin [​IMG]

    * Please make a clean flash to check whether the issue still persists before taking the log, most of the times a clean flash will solve your issue so we would appreciate if you do a clean flash before reporting any issue.

    * We would appreciate logs without any mods like SuperSU/Magisk/Magisk Modules, Custom Kernels or any other Visual or SystemUI Mods/Substratum.

    * This method should work on all OOS/H2OS Versions Stable & Beta as and when it comes for OP5 [​IMG]

    * Install the latest User Feedback App and use the same to submit logs/upload and share the link with me so i can forward them to the ROM Team [​IMG]

    Follow the below steps to take logs on OOS/H2OS using Oneplus Logkit and before you start, clear/close all recent apps:

    1. Go to phone dialer app and dial *#800# [​IMG]

    2. Select the first option which says “oneplus Logkit” > Delete history log [​IMG]

    3. Click "advanced" > "save log type", select all these options (Kernel, Main, System, Radio, Event, Tcpdump), then click OK[​IMG]

    3. Go back & select the first option "save log", it would give you a prompt to reboot (reboot if the issue reoccurs easily, otherwise, click “cancel” [​IMG]

    4. Now make the issue reproduce and take a screenshot of the issue wherever possible [​IMG]

    6. Enter Oneplus Logkit, choose “other log info”, click “get bugreport info” once > Wait for 2-3 mins and let the Logs get saved till it shows a toast with "get info done" [​IMG]

    7. Go back, choose save log again to stop the log reporting [​IMG]

    7. Finally, Enter Files > Internal Storage > oem_log, find the folder, zip it to compress and send it to us along with the screenshot [​IMG]

    As mentioned above use the User Feedback App to submit the logs or upload and share the link the ROM Team on bughunters@oneplus.net and also share the upload link with me [​IMG]

    I will try my best to follow it up with the team directly [​IMG]

    Many Thanks for your support and consideration [​IMG]

    PS: Screenshots attached for the entire process for easy understanding

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  3. Funk Wizard KitKat Moderator Jun 28, 2017

    Funk Wizard, Jun 28, 2017 :
    Basic Mods Used

    Aggressive Doze
    EXKM and Custom Kernel on/off

    Here are some screenshots from few battery cycles :D
    screener_1499929648911.png screener_1499929882263.png screener_1499929897146.png

    screener_1498636668258.png screener_1498636692994.png
    screener_1499020623436.png screener_1499020576286.png
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  4. mr_priyanshu Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 28, 2017

  5. Funk Wizard KitKat Moderator Jun 28, 2017

    Funk Wizard, Jun 28, 2017 :
    Report Actioned

  6. Funk Wizard KitKat Moderator Jun 28, 2017

    Funk Wizard, Jun 28, 2017 :
    Yes the feedback has been provided, if you are rooted user there are mods to do that for now.

  7. gin0v4 Froyo Jun 28, 2017

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  10. Funk Wizard KitKat Moderator Jun 28, 2017

    Funk Wizard, Jun 28, 2017 :
    Use the app screener

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  13. varma246 KitKat Jun 28, 2017

    varma246, Jun 28, 2017 :
    Read first post:confused: and try them.
    There are some links present too in it:rolleyes:

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  20. wald124 Froyo Jun 28, 2017

    wald124, Jun 28, 2017 :
    The Battery is awesome.. fully charged 1d5h ago and still have 34% battery (with 5:40h dot at this moment)
    Most of the time surfing, chatting and playing clash of clans.