ROM Marsh [CM13]

  1. crisis-trustee Gingerbread Dec 9, 2016

  2. Pahapoika91 Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 9, 2016

  3. kartike4u Honeycomb Dec 15, 2016

    kartike4u, Dec 15, 2016 :
    How is this ROM different from others and what about camera and battery life,does it supports custom kernels and how is the stability..someone?

  4. Pahapoika91 Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 29, 2016

    Pahapoika91, Dec 29, 2016 :
    Damn this new oneplus 3t is nice ;D

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  5. Aaahh Lollipop Dec 30, 2016

    Aaahh, Dec 30, 2016 :
    Yes this rom is shit, i have nothing to offer
    Try omni rom its the best

    Only pro members have it
    To upgrade to pro status you have to pm me for the form and them wait for me to review it

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  6. Pahapoika91 Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 30, 2016

    Pahapoika91, Dec 30, 2016 :
    Aaahh did you get oneplus 3t from oneplus.
    Cause if u didint it will be #giveaaahhop3t or raid

  7. kartike4u Honeycomb Dec 30, 2016

    kartike4u, Dec 30, 2016 :
    yeaa it is soo shit that i didnt like any other

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  8. errollgarner Cupcake Feb 26, 2017

    errollgarner, Feb 26, 2017 :
    Hi everyone but mostly @Aaahh,

    Is there a place to report bugs? If so where is it? I just installed Marsh on my OnePlus One and I have issues, but I guess I might not be the only one and perhaps this particular problem has already been posted here, but I don't know how to search inside a thread...

    When I click on "Lock screen" in the settings menu, it closes and displays a pop-up with "Unfortunaltely, Settings has stopped." Is there a known fix for this? Otherwise, how can I try to figure out what's going on?

    Anyway, thank you for this ROM, it looks great and seems to work well apart from the Settings issue. I just hope it can be fixed, because otherwise, I would have to change ROM. I don't like having my phone without a lock and for now I can't set one...

    Thank you in advance for your help (hoping I will get some!)!


  9. Aaahh Lollipop Feb 26, 2017

    Aaahh, Feb 26, 2017 :
    IM dead
    Okay time read wat u wrote

  10. Pahapoika91 Ice Cream Sandwich Feb 26, 2017

    Pahapoika91, Feb 26, 2017 :
    You seem alive to me.

    It's oneplus who's being idiot.

  11. Prinze Martin Honeycomb Feb 26, 2017

    Prinze Martin, Feb 26, 2017 :
    That's the June 20th build I guess. It's fixed in the June 22nd build (link is in the OP). Try that