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    Last week we started the campaign “Invites for a Cause”, where we asked you to vote for your favorite NGO in order to donate them the money we would raise through an auction on eBay.

    The auction was live last Saturday but just for a few hours. We promised we would get it back as soon as possible, but as you may have noticed, we haven’t gotten our eBay auction back up yet. It seems that the amount of money raised so quickly by such a young and small company with a new eBay account caused their security team to suspend our account as a precaution. We have been speaking with them but, as I’m sure you all know, these things can take some time.

    We don’t want you to wait any longer so we’ve decided to hold the auction ourselves. The rules and platform will differ a bit from the eBay auction, but this way we can still get fifteen more invites out and raise money for a great cause.
    Rather than selling one super pack of fifteen invites, we will instead be auctioning off three separate packs of five invites.

    This is how it works:

    The three highest bidders will each receive a pack and submit payment through PayPal. You can still bid in groups with whatever amount you feel comfortable however this will be a blind auction and you can bid as many times a day as you like by submitting your preferred amount to [email protected].

    For the biddings to be valid, the subject of the e-mail will have to be the following one “Invites For a Cause bidding” and the message body will have to contain your full name and your bidding, in USD and rounded up to the nearest dollar.

    Each day, we will publish the highest bid of the day (midnight EST). The auction will close at June 11, 8AM EST, at which point we will announce the total amount raised, however we’ll ask permission before publishing the identities of any of the winners.

    All of the proceeds, yes 100%, will go to the chosen charity, UNICEF. While this didn’t go quite as we planned, we thank you for working with us to raise money for a great cause and getting more OnePlus Ones into the hands of who matter most, the OnePlus fans.

    We believe that this auction will prevent some of our most anxious fans that are willing to spend large amounts of money in buying the phone off eBay and benefit an individual that was lucky enough to win a One in one of our contests, but to help a good cause while getting our smartphone from us, being able to enjoy the whole OnePlus experience.

    Note: this invites will allow you and 4 of your friends to buy one 64GB OnePlus One. In order to purchase a One your shipping address will have to be in one of the 16 launch countries and regions.

    In the event where there was a draw and more than one person held the third highest bid, they would be notified by e-mail.


    • Day 1: $1,515 USD / $500 USD / $350 USD
    • Day 2: $1,515 USD / $1,000 USD / $650 USD
    • Day 3: $3,000 USD / $1,515 USD / $1,000 USD
    • Day 4: $3,000 USD / $2,100USD / $1,515 USD
    • Day 5: $3,000 USD / $2,100USD / $1,520 USD
    • Day 6: $3,000 USD / $2,100USD / $1,705 USD
    • Day 7: $3,500 USD / $3,000USD / $3,000 USD
    We received two really high bids for a pack of 5 invites and we are trying to confirm them. We will announce the final amounts in the next 2 days.

    EDIT: After cleaning out some fake bids, here's the updated list of the three highest bidders. They all three have already been contacted and, on Monday, will be given instructions on how to make the donation of the money to UNICEF in order to receive their 5 invites.


    We're very pleased to announce that thanks to the generous bid from one of our OnePlus fans, we were able to today donate $3,500 to the UNICEF Tap Project which supplies clean drinking water for children. 100% of the money was donated and we thank each of you who participated in the poll to choose this very worthy charity. While we initially planned to donate more, we were unable to confirm the donations from two of the bidders and ultimately decided it was best to give what we had rather than continue waiting.

    The kind donor has requested anonymity but we assure you they have received their invites and will soon have a brand new OnePlus One. We thank all involved in this auction and look forward to being able to find more ways to give back in the future. Never Settle.

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  2. Waterdroid

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    Nice!! But now people can't bid up against each other.. Would that result in a lower winning bid compared to when it would be put on eBay?
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    Keepin it real.
  5. onaile343

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    Nice! Glad to see you guys are continuing the auction, despite the difficulties!
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  6. FilthyGrundel

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    That's great news, I'm glad the auction is up and running again.

    Regardless of winning or not, its going to a great cause!
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    good auction
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    And that my friends is how you jump over a hurdle.. #DoItYourSelf
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    Let's go for it!
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    u are amazing company!
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    Good to see you solved the issue!
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    Nice! :)
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  14. Cooklung

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    I think side stepping Ebay is probably a good idea. I also like that 100% is actually going to the cause. Props on that decision.
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  15. geroellgeraet

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    nice :) I'm still hoping that there will be a massive flood of invites on June 6th.
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  16. 14536

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    Help others is always a good thing!
    nice work good idea
    Those people from ebay...
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  18. thielek

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    Loving the charity work. Keep it up.
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