I'm a Winner, and here's the PACKAGE!!!

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  1. milkdude

    milkdude Level: KitKat

    Ya draw the phone,but include the Sim tool
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  2. Masoom

    Masoom Level: Jelly Bean

    Sometimes there are dodgy people along the postal routes, like I said above it's happened to me before from deliveries from China. I'm sure OPO can track the phone down and find the culprit.
  3. jeff1

    jeff1 Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Looks like there was something taped inside the box tape and the box could look sealed again. But who did it? I have had that happen myself and it sucks.
  4. asdesigned

    asdesigned Level: Honeycomb

    I was just saying that these things can be faked, obviously there was something taped inside. Whether it's the OP, DHL, customs or someone further up the supply chain that's just speculation. However 2 phones for $1, now that would be a good deal ;)
  5. CoachEgghead

    CoachEgghead Level: Jelly Bean

    Pretty stand up IMO .. responding to post w/in 30 min to help resolve the matter
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  6. Darksidious

    Darksidious Level: Jelly Bean

    The question is what is the weight written on the box... If the weight is lower than the written weight then two possiblities:

    * somebody have stolen your OPO
    * your video is a big fake

    If the weight equals the empty box then OnePlus have package an empty box...

    I'm just surprised that you haven't start by contacting Oneplus before posting this thread...

    Or maybe aliens have stole it...
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  7. Stanrose

    Stanrose Level: Froyo

    What a gut wrenching experience! How could you do that oneplus one! Stinks
  8. daleski75

    daleski75 Level: KitKat

    That's totally messed up hope you get it fixed soon.
  9. luckyboiii69

    luckyboiii69 Level: Jelly Bean

    well the way they package their phones what do u expect from them lmao
  10. reinhardrenew

    reinhardrenew Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    THis man is right. Post the picture of weight in this thread. @MadZ
  11. script

    script Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    Hey everyone.

    The video was on 29 minutes ago, 3 minutes ago Emmanuel responded. That makes 26 minutes after it was posted. Things like that should not happen, of course, but the reaction of oneplus staff was quick and the problem will be solved and handled soon. So, all please calm down.
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  12. Chaosdemon06

    Chaosdemon06 Level: Jelly Bean

    Kinda wondering myself.. 3 things happened here.

    1. He got jacked. If that's the case he has to take it up with DHL

    2. One plus one crew forgot to put it in the box..(unlikely)

    3. This is fake and he has the phone and re taped the package.
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  13. Mikasa Ackerman

    Mikasa Ackerman Level: Jelly Bean

    Looking at the video. The box looks legitimately sealed... The label proves this.
  14. edy.ajiz

    edy.ajiz Level: Éclair

    Poor guy, hope it get resolve sooner.
  15. Masoom

    Masoom Level: Jelly Bean

    Hopefully OPO will be able to track the phone down if something like that happened.
  16. neoand12

    neoand12 Level: Jelly Bean


    Now my heart is beating for my package that's coming today.
  17. Hlopes

    Hlopes Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    And you should anyway, everyone should write in the observation in any package received!!!
  18. MadZ

    MadZ Level: Honeycomb

    On the german DHL label is written: weight: 1,000Kg (clearly a "standard"), on the italian label "weight: " is blank"...

    I repeat: everything is real and the package was sealed! I swear! :( :( :(
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  19. CoachEgghead

    CoachEgghead Level: Jelly Bean

    Can't wait to see the unboxing (and subsequent reboxing) video(s) from the DHL guy!
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  20. milkdude

    milkdude Level: KitKat

    Glad to hear about their quick response
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