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  1. eleung321 Gingerbread Aug 9, 2017

    eleung321, Aug 9, 2017 :
    We are approaching 2 months since the release of the Oneplus 5 (June 20, 2017).
    There were a lot of disappointments with the original release but there were some improvements to the OS recently (stabillization, fixed dialing issues, etc).

    Thoughts on the device now?

  2. Abir lohiya Donut Aug 9, 2017

  3. Nitantkhullar Eclair Aug 9, 2017

    Nitantkhullar, Aug 9, 2017 :
    camera still needs improvement.
    add functionality to skip music tracks by long pressing volume buttons.
    need more customisations in terms of accent colors and changing font colors.
    battery backup is somewhat good. I get around about 14-15 hours with 5-6 hours of SOT. With addition of EAS, I hope it'll be great.

    Still, happy with the phone.
    It does its job well.

  4. EdSnowDread Donut Aug 9, 2017

    EdSnowDread, Aug 9, 2017 :
    I am really happy with my OP5 and the frequent updates and fixes work great for me also.
    The battery life is good the camera is really good and the everyday usage is superb for me.
    The only issue i had was with the prox sensor mentioned in another post but with the latest patch,i do not notice it.

  5. David N Donut Aug 9, 2017

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  6. Raju M S Donut Aug 9, 2017

    Raju M S, Aug 9, 2017 :
    screenshot is not user friendly... add it in a power button like did in OnePlus 1...

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  7. Mo17hit Cupcake Aug 9, 2017

    Mo17hit, Aug 9, 2017 :
    No don't even think of one plus 5. Today i rebooted my phone and it was unable to reboot and infact the phone hanged. I was stuck for 2 and half hour to restart the phone. There os lot and lot of disappointment with op5. There is also a buzz sound while calling it seems like the mic catches the local sound and that is reflected in the speaker. Sad thing is no one plus member is doing anything to address this issues.

  8. florincostescu Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 9, 2017

    florincostescu, Aug 9, 2017 :
    #Raju M

    ... this is the 2nd thread where you have the same remark.

    You'll always receive thw same answer, 3 fingers swype is the simplest/smartest move you can get out there.

    Calm down, bro

  9. grexe Donut Aug 9, 2017

    grexe, Aug 9, 2017 :
    I'm glad that I did not listen too much to the nit pickers and ordered mine to replace my still much valued OP2, loved it from first awesomely fast boot! feels snappy, thin and light, elegant and well designed from HW to SW.
    Just got my 4.5.8 update so even 4k Videos are now super steady, as if we'd not have other problems in the world right now...

  10. Raju M S Donut Aug 9, 2017

    Raju M S, Aug 9, 2017 :
    Thanks bro. currently m using this option onlu. 3 finger option has some problem like, few times it clicked links, Have to use both hands to take screenshots. i perfer one or two click instead 3 fingers.

  11. florincostescu Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 9, 2017

    florincostescu, Aug 9, 2017 :
    You don't have to necessary use 3 fingers from 2 different hands.

    We're using here 3 fingers from the same hand.

    It's much much more comfortable, try it yourself

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  12. G_Sharath_Joseph_BIQG Cupcake Aug 9, 2017

    G_Sharath_Joseph_BIQG, Aug 9, 2017 :
    Overall I just love the phone. But ever since I updated to the latest version of Oxygen OS (4.5.8) my battery has been draining fast, even in standby, which is not acceptable. Another thing I felt which is disappointing is the call clarity. I used to have an HTC device before and the earpiece quality on that device was excellent compared to op5. Also the lowlight camera performance is not upto the mark. As a suggestion i would love to see differnt scene modes in camera app like the landscape mode, night mode, etc.

  13. TenNewt Gingerbread Aug 9, 2017

    TenNewt, Aug 9, 2017 :
    Great experience, except just today I started facing a white line on my display which is real annoying!

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  14. iskooneplus Honeycomb Aug 9, 2017

    iskooneplus, Aug 9, 2017 :
    Ok the OP5 is fine but not ok.. Because they focus on the camera but the software need big update.

    1. The photo are not CLEAR not at all, when you zoom the photo you will see what is the problem.
    2. All photos are like paint.
    3. They need to make BIG update for camera for HDR and HQ.
    4. Night photo are catastrophic so much noise.
    5. When you take photo in the night where are no light you can see notting, the LED light are very bad.
    6. Make better photo with zoom.
    7. Video recording are not so much detail like others, the video are like blur (s8, iphone7 etc...)
    8. Slow Motion can record 240fps and more but now is just 120fps without sound and without action when to start and stop.. And they need to make better details on slow motion.
    9. Time laps need options for speed like x8, x16, x32, x48 etc...
    10. Panorama still need more updates.

    16 mp is very good, but stock camera is very bad. it is not that just we need. they can make extra good camera for photo and vdeo. THATS IS JUST APPLICATION PROBLEM BECAUSE CAMERA SENSOR IS VERY GOOD.

    The phone have a very strong CPU and so much RAM that can handle with all this option. (Samsung S6 and S7 have very good camera and so much option just because a good camera application)

    What we need:

    Camera photo:

    - Better photos,
    - Better panorama,
    - Better low light,
    - Better HDR,
    - HDR+
    - Better & strronger HQ,
    - Add HQ like Oppo camera for bwttee quality of photos,
    - Etc...

    Camera Video:

    - Add more bitrate,
    - Video with HDR on or of,

    Slow motion:

    - Add 1080p,
    - Add 240 fps and 480 fps,
    - Add more bitrate,
    - Add better low light,
    - Add function when to start action and when to stop,
    - Add sound record,
    - Etc...


    - Add bette low light,
    - Add speed x2, x4, x8,
    - Add more bitrate,
    - Etc..

    All this will take more storage, but we dont care, we just want a phone with good camera.

    P. S.. With ROM Cr Droid Nougat 7.1.1 you can record 240FPS at 720p - this was for OP3/3T. So what can OP5 do more.

  15. G_Sagar_Sarang_eARt Donut Aug 9, 2017

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  16. ivivdim Froyo Aug 9, 2017

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  17. G_ncuxo_ncuxonator_HpQY Cupcake Aug 9, 2017

    G_ncuxo_ncuxonator_HpQY, Aug 9, 2017 :
    how about volume down+power? :)

  18. bharris09 Cupcake Aug 9, 2017

    bharris09, Aug 9, 2017 :
    I love it what the price and features I can't complain and I feel it's only going to get better

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  19. sainiashis20 Cupcake Aug 9, 2017

    sainiashis20, Aug 9, 2017 :
    Great smartphone . one problem with tha camera is that we have to fix beauty feature each & every time when we start camera.

    Please give me a fix for this

  20. internity Donut Aug 9, 2017

    internity, Aug 9, 2017 :
    well coming from a 3yr old lenovo vibe x2 with a short experience with an s7 in my work place never thought obeplus was that good. i mean i found what i was looking for. nothing is faster : opening any app is extremly quick and that's what i was really looking for to start the charging speed and battery life i really have to thank you guys for both it's like now my next phone will also be a oneplus for sure. the camera need some work and tweaks to be honest it's not that big deal for me but i was expecting solething better. the real disappointment is with the front facing one as the quality is not up to a 16 mpx camera come on guys you really can do better my old phone with little 5 mpx camera did better. but as said the camera is not a concern for me. my next phone : let me guess the one plus 6 or oneplus 5t i don't know but the next one.