hands on video!!!

Discussion in 'The One' started by MF831, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. MF831

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  2. MF831

    MF831 Level: Jelly Bean

    I'm guess I'm late or ya still watching?
  3. bemo20

    bemo20 Level: Gingerbread

    It's not quite #neversettle but I'll probably get it.
  4. forgotten

    forgotten Level: Jelly Bean

    i will make one in my language as it is going to be for a forum that i am a member
  5. kiwi

    kiwi Level: Honeycomb

    Price is good...
  6. sbenson

    sbenson Level: Jelly Bean

    Damn, that looks pretty nice. I can't believe the price.
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  7. MrC

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  8. TECHZ77

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  9. quailallstar

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    So if the white only comes in 16gb, can't you just get a white backing for the 32gb black model and have the same effect?
  10. Blackkey5

    Blackkey5 Level: Froyo

    That's the best phone i've never see ! :D
    I will buy it as soon as possible ! If i get an invitation ;)
  11. yaslimoub

    yaslimoub Level: Doughnut

    what a price!!! I want it...
  12. RuMziii

    RuMziii Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    this is just too awesome !
  13. morozsean

    morozsean Level: KitKat

    Great video, amazing phone! I can't wait to get it!
  14. Seymorephones

    Seymorephones Level: Gingerbread

    A little larger than I wanted but I'm glad it's narrower than the note 3so easier in the hand and at the price it's a steal. Just have to wait n see if there distribution channels are up to the task