[Crazy Contest] Phone in a Box - We fly you to Hong Kong!

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  1. David S.

    David S. Administrator Staff Member

    It's time to unveil our next crazy marketing campaign, and we are sure you're gonna love it!

    Here at OnePlus, we are so extremely confident about the build quality and materials of our phone that we are going to fly one of you out to Hong Kong to touch, for the very first time our OnePlus One.


    Go back over the last paragraph: yes, we will be flying one of you to Hong Kong so you can touch and feel the back of our phone!!

    Stay tuned to our forums, social media pages and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive full details - the contest officially opens March 19th (next week at 2PM CET, 9AM EDT and 6AM PDT!).
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  2. ved prakash

    ved prakash Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    yeah !! me ready to fly in .... can't wait to hold one plus one .... ohhh!! that feeling would be just awesome ...
    even UNA wants to meet me :p
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  3. twright9789

    twright9789 Level: Honeycomb

    You guys keep impressing me every day, can't wait to see what the future holds!
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  4. Chinda

    Chinda Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    Count me in, ive always wanted to visit hong kong :D
  5. fabripav

    fabripav Level: KitKat

    I've never seen Hong Kong, wouldn't mind a visit.
  6. Noel

    Noel Level: KitKat

    Ohh. Excited now
  7. GregOrevo

    GregOrevo Level: KitKat Moderator

    So we can not see the front ? :cool:


    The winner is going to be one lucky (b...) man !

    Crazy contest indeed, very cool (^_*)
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  8. Aditya T S

    Aditya T S Level: Éclair

    Bring it on :cool:
  9. shadymilkman

    shadymilkman Level: Honeycomb

    Oh man, sounds great!
  10. Melvin Joosten

    Melvin Joosten Level: Honeycomb

    I am 16 and I don't think my parents would let me go to HongKong :p
    To bad :(
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  11. script

    script Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    I promise to wear my new never settle t-shirt during the flight AND EVERY DAY I AM IN HONG KONG
  12. ved prakash

    ved prakash Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    can i take this like as the invite to hold my mistress "one plus one" :p:p:p??

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  13. Sparkolo

    Sparkolo Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    OH MY GOD.
    Count me in for the contest ;) This would be like the journey of my life, having the opportunity to meet you guys would be even better than feeling the phone... you're really inspiring to me :) Good luck everyone on March 19th!
  14. Prabuflash

    Prabuflash Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    wooohoooooooo.. Bring it On...
  15. Grayson Bianco

    Grayson Bianco Level: Froyo

    You'd never see any other company do this. These people care about what they are doing and about their audience. So would love to go to Hong Kong! #neversettle
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  16. Antosz

    Antosz Level: Cupcake

    ahahah if i win, can i sniff the cover?
    Crazy x Crazy XD XD
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  17. Radeon962

    Radeon962 Level: KitKat

    Never been to Hong Kong but sounds like fun.
  18. Mat

    Mat Level: Honeycomb

    Never Settler - A back touch of the future : )
    - Hong Kong wait's OnePlus One First Touch Tester :D
    - Me ?
    - Only the Mystery Tech of this Product say that ;)

  19. Rohit

    Rohit Level: Froyo

    Nice contest....waiting for next contest instructions
  20. script

    script Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

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