[CONTEST]Review your OnePlus 3/3T

  1. David Y. Community Manager Staff Member Mar 23, 2017

    David Y., Mar 23, 2017 :

    Hi everyone,

    Last month, we asked you guys to showcase your best B&W photographs both for fun and for a chance to win a oneplus.net voucher. In the end we had not only 4 great winners, but also received over 770 amazing shots. The turnout went well beyond our expectations! We’ll definitely host more photography contests in the near future. (Check back for more, once our community app’s photo upload enhancement is live). Until then, we’ve already got another contest cooked up for you!

    If you’re anything like us, you’ve read your fair share of OnePlus 3/3T reviews by tech media outlets and key opinion leaders. Thorough reviews help increase our understanding of a product we’re interested in through different perspectives and help guide us when we need to decide whether we’d like to buy it or not. Now it’s YOUR turn to share your own impressions of the OP3/3T. We would love to hear your unique voice about our products. (P.S. We’ve already prepared some great prizes for this contest. )

    [Here’s how it works]
    • Not a pro reviewer? No worries! All you need to get started is write a review based on the following outline: 1. Why you chose OP3/3T? 2. What your favorite feature(s) are and why? Is it because of the premium design, powerful specs, Dash charge, solid camera, latest OxygenOS or something else? 3. If there’s one thing that you think still needs to be perfected, what is it? Point it out and let us know.
    • Set up your OnePlus 3/3T box with a note including your forum username (so that we know it’s original). Take a photo. Here’s an example we put together here at HQ:
    The greeting card is from our super nice friend @camohan , love it!
    • Post your review and photo as a reply to this thread. Entries will be accepted until 10pm EDT on April 23. Our team will hand-pick 8 winners based on quality of the review and adherence to the contest rules. Winners will be announced on April 27.
    • Each entry will receive 10 points (to be used in the Raffles!) as a reward. EIGHT winners will receive a OnePlus voucher worth $50 USD (or local equivalent). These vouchers are valid on oneplus.net and oneplusstore.in.
    It’s that simple! We can’t wait to see all of your OnePlus 3 and 3T reviews, guys. We might even share some of your awesome reviews with the world via our social media channels!

    [Some boring rules]
    • All reviews must be original.
    • There are real prizes at stake here, but be nice. We have to choose winners, which isn’t always easy. If you don't win, don’t be mad. This is all in good fun!
    • OnePlus reserves the right to cancel this contest if participation is low. No quality entries = no prizes. So, participate!
    As always, Have fun everyone!

    Edit: Big thanks for participating in the contest everyone! This contest is now officially closed (at 10 pm EDT), we'll be announcing the winners soon!
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  2. manish.kumar86 Honeycomb Mar 23, 2017

    manish.kumar86, Mar 23, 2017 :
    I cd hv given my review but the camera, i m not happy with.. Why do i go to manual mode to get a better photo.. Mobile cameras are made to just open n snap.. Who ll wait for 15 min to find better iso n frame rate in party.. If it cn click those photos why cnt it cn b done in auto.. In auto mode pics are alwz granny n blurry...

  3. camohan Lollipop Moderator Mar 23, 2017

    camohan, Mar 23, 2017 :
    The contest looks great. Thanks @david.yang for the contest and for the mention. You guys totally deserve it.

    I will edit this post to update my short review.

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  4. OmarFPG Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 23, 2017

  5. mohitsk Froyo Mar 23, 2017

    mohitsk, Mar 23, 2017 :
    Hi please find below my personal experience of my best buddy Oneplus 3

    First I would like to commit & admit that what so ever I am mentioning is everything that I mean it & it comes straight from the bottom of my heart & it is not just for the sake of contest.

    I was a huge Nokia fan & always used Nokia mobiles only. But after Nokia started making windows phones was later taken over by Microsoft & had started selling Windows phones, at that time I personally didn’t liked the windows phones.

    Moreover there was a increasing craze of Android smartphones at that point somewhere in 2014, and I wanted to buy a android mobiles since everyone was buying android only & android gaining popularity like anything.

    I started thing of buying a Android smartphone for me.

    At that point Oneplus was launched & was selling Oneplus One through invites only. Some of my friend then somehow managed to purchase a Oneplus 1 & they also had got some invites & they also gave 1 invite to me stating that bro the smartphone is awesome & you should also get one for yourself. I was a bit hesitated & not confident in buying a Chinese company mobile. So I droped my idea of buying a Oneplus.

    Later when it started getting tremendous popularity & was selling like hot cakes I thought I should now get one for me as well.

    Later in January 2015 I bought myself a Oneplus 1 & my experience with the smartphone was beyond my expectations. I was thrilled by its performance & slim design. It made me forget about Nokia. I just loved it overall & this is what made me a huge fan of Oneplus.

    I also then purchased Oneplus 2 when it was launched & it also gave the exact same performance as I expected.

    Recently I purchased a Oneplus 3 & I am totally amazed by its performance. It is 10 times better than the previous oneplus 1 & Oneplus 2.

    Q 1 ) Why choose Oneplus 3/3t

    Ans – All above mentioned are the reasons why I love & adore the Oneplus smartphones. I choose Oneplus 3 solely based on my personal experience with my Oneplus one & Oneplus 2. I truly believed that it would be better & bigger in terms of performance than its predecessor & believe me or not, it has lived up to all my expectations.

    Q 2 ) Favorite Feature & Why

    Ans – (A) Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 powered by 6 gb of RAM for me is the best & my personal feature of Oneplus 3. The processing speed because of it is what I would say “lightning fast”. There is no sign of hanging, heating & lagging in the smartphone. (B) The design & built up is premium, it looks just amazing; it looks & feels great using it. (C) And the third feature what I like the most is the Dash Charge. It saves my lot of times many a times. I haven’t seen a smartphone charging so fast, so just like this feature the most.

    Q 3 ) Any Improvements or recommendations

    Ans - I believe you should come up with screen size options as well like for example if Oneplus 4 comes in it should come up in two screen size variants like Oneplus 4 of 5.5 inch display & Oneplus 4 plus which comes with 5.7 inch display, or Oneplus 4 5.2 inch & Oneplus 4 plus 5.5 inch display.

    More over you should also be coming up with more color options as well. Like recently you have come up with oneplus 3T in black variant which I believe is a excellent color. So there should be atleast 4 color variants for any model.

    Thank you,

    Your true Oneplus Fan,

    Mohit S K


  6. K_DHRUV Froyo Mar 23, 2017

    K_DHRUV, Mar 23, 2017 :
    ONLY 1 MOBILE IN 2017

  7. Maximus Decimus Meridius Lollipop Senior Moderator Mar 23, 2017

    Maximus Decimus Meridius, Mar 23, 2017 :
    Great contest @david.yang . :)

    My review comes here [ready]:

    1. Why you chose OP3/3T?
    After looking for early reviews, they say the OP3 (and the OP3T) came with good value for money. Also the range of specs (not only the specs "on paper") also fit my needs and wishes. And i know Oneplus products very well.
    These few things, including the price, made me decide to go for this line-up again.


    2. What your favorite feature(s) are and why?

    Basically the specs and price are still in a good ratio! The solid components Oneplus chose to put in the OP3 (and OP3T) are well made.
    There is one thing that really annoyed me during the productlaunches of the Oneplus3 and the T: the DASH charge campaign!
    But... This is really a thing i grew to friggin LOVE! As far as these device need DASHcharging, it really was super convenient at some times! Amazing tech i can't do without anymore.

    Also a thing: the notification-LED! This is one of the small things i got very used to.
    The AMOLED, and open non-bloated software and good overall build-quality was a must.

    3. If there’s one thing that you think still needs to be perfected, what is it?
    The design needs lots of perfection... Materials are great and very durable.
    1 The formfactor (candybar 5.5") is fine!, i just dont like curved screens anymore. The (successor of the) oneplus 3 and 3t should come with a flat glass to fit a 2.5d tempered glass.
    2 Waterproofness. Phones should be built-to-last, and this will make me walk around with these devices with a lot more confidence. In the rain, near a pool, where-ever!
    3 is it weird to say i liked the swapstylecovers? Or at least the sandstone surface? It is so grippy!
    4 love the audiojack (even the placement at the bottom is fine), but the placement of the buttons? No, not my choice! i guess screenshots (press powerbutton and volume down at the same time) are easier to make. On the other hand, i like to consume a LOT of media and oftenly switch to landscape-mode, resting the phone on a flat surface: and what happens? The phone is resting on a button (either volume buttons or the on/off-button. )

    So... The design of the OP2 isnt that bad after all, the OP3 neither. But man, if only they could make babies..!
    It really is a no-nonsense phone.
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  8. Dunnow KitKat Mar 23, 2017

    Dunnow, Mar 23, 2017 :
    My review is that this device is crap.
    The amazing camera does not focus, and the battery drains fast.

    Plus the company are a bunch of liars.

    Have fun with your scams.

  9. Dunnow KitKat Mar 23, 2017

    Dunnow, Mar 23, 2017 :
    Short means short, not smaller letters and still long...

    I hope this entry gets out of the pool for breaking the rules.

    EDIT: Note for future retards, when I wrote this, the rules were not the same as you might read now. Means, they've changed since then. A common OnePlus practice to tinker with their contests.

    Stop bugging me about it.
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  10. gaster KitKat Moderator Mar 23, 2017

    gaster, Mar 23, 2017 :
    Another great contest. Thanks David

  11. Pahapoika91 Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 23, 2017

    Pahapoika91, Mar 23, 2017 :
    Hey! This is my review of OnePlus 3T.

    The biggest reasons why I chose OP3T were pleasant experience with OPO, the awesome dev-support it received, Dash Charging, the Elisa deal that made buying it lot easier than it was back in OPO days (The invite sh*t) and most importantly the price/performance ratio. (comes with price that even student like me can afford and still beats all Android phones and flies through everything I can think of)

    My favourite features are Dash charge, SD 821 and the metal build. Also the camera is better than good enough for my usage.

    I would like to see OP5 having SD 835, water proofing and 2k screen or different type of pixels. The screen is great and wins my OPO on many sections. But the OPO still looks just littlebit sharper.
    Also the just released midnight black is color I would like to get my OP5 on.

    Photo: https://m.imgur.com/a/x6xDU

  12. malidan Lollipop Mar 23, 2017

    malidan, Mar 23, 2017 :
    Way to go, drumming up some fanboy testimonies to post around the net.
    I guess the reserve the right cancel the contest. And " if there are no quality entries" must mean, if there are too many less than glowing reviews its a no go.
    The solicitation of favourable reviews continues.

  13. ATQ Froyo Mar 23, 2017

    ATQ, Mar 23, 2017 :
    This is Ali.

    Well Thank you for giving me the opportunity to interact with OP team and fun here. Keep my review short.

    1. Why you choose OP3?
    I've been used many smartphones including Blackberry, as an enterprise user and a developer I choose OP3 based on 2 criteria:
    Firstly coz of timely Software updates, as an enterprise users perspective software bugs can breach confidential information and OP is hard working on this to push updates and making OP3 more stable.
    Secondly the Value for money, Hardware specs are upto the mark under 30000/- INR.

    2. Favorite Features?
    On Hardware side: Obviously 6GB RAM with superb RAM management and Dash Charge.
    Next is OS customization options, Slider button customization, Night mode, Force activities to be resizable, OEM unlocking.

    3. Still need to be perfected?
    Certainly no phone is perfect but we can reach near to perfect and OP is on the way.
    There are certain things that need improvements actually huge improvements like: Camera and its app, in low light it is below okie, Built in Video and Music apps, Most important the speakers output, currently OP3 is having 1 speaker that is of okie quality and the position of speaker, Battery should be bumped at least to 4000mAh, and again most importantly the DISPLAY, should provide Quad HD.

    As I said it is Value for money but it is a human nature to want more in affordable price and I hope we can get this with OP. Thank you OP team for providing the awesome device, listening to users and giving goodies.


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  14. jizang KitKat Mar 23, 2017

    jizang, Mar 23, 2017 :
    my quick review of the OP3

    1. Why you choose OP3?

    Cause it propa good and it's blinging, innit

    2. Favorite Features?

    front camera, innit, cause it propa mint and im lovin it bruv

    3. Still need to be perfected?

    needs to be more blinging bruv then it be mint

    Lost my OP3 box, innit but its all my own work mate. sorted

    safe :)

  15. SoniaB Nougat Senior Moderator Mar 23, 2017

    SoniaB, Mar 23, 2017 :
    What's with the Brummie accent?[​IMG]

  16. theshinybeast Lollipop Mar 23, 2017

  17. jizang KitKat Mar 23, 2017

    jizang, Mar 23, 2017 :
    to honour the tru wicked that is the OP3/3T, I had to dig deep and find my inner younger self. I believe this is how the youngsters on da streets speak these days ...tru dat :p

    aii and keeping it real ;)

  18. theshinybeast Lollipop Mar 23, 2017

    theshinybeast, Mar 23, 2017 :

  19. jerrymilton Jelly Bean Mar 23, 2017

    jerrymilton, Mar 23, 2017 :
    show me a company that runs a contest to garnish unfavorable reviews. OnePlus needs favorable reviews of the OP3T "to post around the net" like they need a hole in the head. odds of not having enough entries in a month from now, zero. but you already know this.

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  20. jerrymilton Jelly Bean Mar 23, 2017

    jerrymilton, Mar 23, 2017 :
    the requirement of a photo w/ the OP3 or OP3T box is a strange one. I have an OPO box(tossed another one), 2 OP2 boxes (tossed another one) and my OP3 box went with the phone to my daughter when I upgraded to the OP3T. As for my OP3T box.. I stored the IMEI numbers and tossed it as I already have ENOUGH OnePlus boxes in my house. Besides all the boxes kinda suck compared to the OnePlus One version, no? not worth keeping. (yes all the boxes you see in this pictures except the OPO box are now in the trash as well). recycle people !!


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