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  1. David S.

    David S. Administrator Staff Member


    The time has come for our craziest contest so far! Phone in a Box is kicking off.

    We are so extremely confident about the build quality and materials of our phone that we just couldn’t wait to give one of our most eager fans a sneak peek.

    In just a few short days, someone will be getting ready to fly out to Hong Kong to be the very first to experience the feel of the back of the OnePlus One!

    To enter, each user will need to submit a short video to Instagram (now also on YouTube!) with the hashtag #phoneinabox. All that you have to do is tell us how you feel towards OnePlus. OnePlus has garnered quite some attention in the tech community as of late, and we want to hear your most honest thoughts. Bring it on!

    How to Participate (and basic info):
    • Post one short video to Instagram or YouTube (max. 15 seconds) telling us your feelings about OnePlus Tech
      • For Instagram: The video must include the @oneplustech tag and #phoneinabox hashtag
      • For YouTube: title should include OnePlus' Phone In A Box Contest: in the title and the hashtag #phoneinabox in the description of the video (we will make a playlist with all of them!)
    • The contest will run from 9AM EST (2PM GMT+1) time on March 19th until 9AM EST (2PM GMT+1) on March 28th
    The winner will be chosen by the OnePlus staff based on originality (so, please, try to be creative).

    Grand Prize:
    • Be the first in the world to touch the hottest phone of 2014 and tell everyone about it
    • Free trip to Hong Kong including flight and accommodation
    • Meet the amazing team of awesome people that will disrupt the tech industry
    • Be the star of our next YouTube video
    • The winner of the big prize MUST have a valid passport and over 18
    Depending on where you are, you may be required to have a visa to visit Hong Kong. Please make sure to check in advance to ensure that you are able to accept if you win.

    We'll fly the winner out to Hong Kong and provide two nights accommodation, all to be the first person to touch the back of the OnePlus One! We know that's quite a long way for some of you, so we're happy to book flights for the dates of your choice, allowing you to stay a little longer or do some traveling around Asia. We just ask that you be able to arrive between the 4th and 11th of April.

    Participation Prize (everyone will get this!):

    What happens if you don't have a valid passport or you can't travel on those dates?

    You can still participate! Just make sure to add on your video description (both, for YouTube or Instagram) #ImInForTheGoodies hashtag and you'll receive one of our awesome swag-bundle, with one fantastic NeverSettle Fruit of the Loom cotton t-shirt, one travel mug and a pack of stickers!


    We will announce the grand winner on Monday, March 31st at 9AM EST.
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  2. Rob W

    Rob W Level: Jelly Bean Senior Moderator

    Good luck everyone! This should be a good one. I can't wait to see the videos. ;)
  3. angeliou

    angeliou Level: Jelly Bean

    Nice!! :)
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  4. Chinda

    Chinda Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    Good luck peeps :)
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  5. Adam Krisko

    Adam Krisko Administrator Staff Member

    Well Damn.. I don't have a valid passport any more.. Guess I'm out :( it takes way too long to get a passport in the US any more. Grrrr!

    Good luck everyone!!
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  6. Sagar

    Sagar Level: Cupcake

    Have been eagerly waiting for this. I never used Instagram before but for my blind love I will do it. Love from India. ...
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  7. Sparkolo

    Sparkolo Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

    Wow really great contest guys!!! This is a really funny and fair way of finding the most passionate supporter!!
    I'm in, than you for the opportunity guys!!
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  8. ram gupta

    ram gupta Level: Jelly Bean Moderator

    Best of Luck guys.May the best video win.
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  9. lvpl

    lvpl Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    good luck everyone
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  10. Josef Džujík

    Josef Džujík Level: Gingerbread

    Good luck everyone :)
    I guess I have to register to Instagram now. Why cannot we post those videos just here?

    BTW. Czech Republic has 90 days visa free limit ;)


    My passport is also not valid anymore and have a new one takes about 30 days. I guess I am also out :(


    So I've found out that the "quick passport" should be enough to visit Hong Kong :)
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  11. Anthony knight

    Anthony knight Level: Jelly Bean

    Good luck everyone my videos up first I guess
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  12. GregOrevo

    GregOrevo Level: KitKat Moderator

    Hehe same for me, passport not valid anymore. ;)
    (besides, March 24th is my birthday, really too bad ;))

    Greatest contest ever :)

    May the best video win !

    Edit : #SupportSparkolo #NeverSettle !
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  13. angeliou

    angeliou Level: Jelly Bean

    Thats a clever marketing method from Oneplus team. Genius. Well done.
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  14. Elisha Siegelman

    Elisha Siegelman Level: KitKat

    Good luck every body eelsse!
  15. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    Good luck for the participants! :)
    Whoever might be the winner, he/she should share some of their experiences exclusively with us, forum members! :D
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  16. AasifMaqsood

    AasifMaqsood Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    I'll try.
  17. Claudia

    Claudia Level: Honeycomb

    I am very happy to wait until one plus cones to the Uk. But my one question is it can't be just to touch the back surley ?
  18. Claudia

    Claudia Level: Honeycomb

    PS what time today will the next feature of the phone be revealed?
  19. martin lukas

    martin lukas Level: Honeycomb

    Good luck everyone :)...
  20. Armand

    Armand Level: Jelly Bean

    Good luck for everyone ! ;)
    Not possible for me :(
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