[Contest] It’s Raining Invites!

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  1. David S.

    David S. Administrator Staff Member


    With the first users receiving their devices and early reviews coming out, people are certainly eager to get their hands on the One. We’ve had some great reviews and even had a Smash the Past winner throw his device up on eBay for some serious cash - over $10,000 last time we checked.

    We want to start getting the One into your hands so we’ve arranged a little contest (more to come in the following days!), aptly dubbed “It’s Raining Invites”. A simple contest with a great prize, winners will receive an invite to buy the 64GB Sandstone Black version of the One.

    All you have to do to enter is log into contest page and perform (at least) one of the listed tasks. The tasks range from answering simple questions to following or tweeting at OnePlus. Every action will be registered throughout the duration of the contest, and at the end 150 participants will be chosen at random to win.

    Want to increase your chances? The more actions you perform, the higher your odds of winning the One. Contest opens May 19 and goes on for five days. Good luck!

    EDIT: Keep refreshing the page, there's an easter egg!

    EDIT 2:


    The drizzle is over! Thank you all for the 2,308,884 entries! We will be contacting the 150 winners next week.

    Now, let's all get ready for the coming storm...

    EDIT 3:

    All the winners have been contacted by e-mail. Please check your inbox to find out if you are one of the lucky ones!
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  2. MrAndroid

    MrAndroid Level: Jelly Bean


    Really nice to see 150 invites going out soon! I'm sure this will just be the beginning! Hope to have one myself sometime soon.


    Edit: Easter egg so cool, props for putting that in!
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  3. muddy46

    muddy46 Level: KitKat Senior Moderator

  4. ali_gul1

    ali_gul1 Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Definitely going to fail my exams..

    Edit: I failed my exams..
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  5. alextdarling

    alextdarling Level: Jelly Bean

    oooh... Good look to everyone! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. Darz

    Darz Level: Jelly Bean

    Yes!!!! Here we go!
  7. ivsu

    ivsu Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    I'm waiting to this raining. I have 2 months without taking a bath!
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  8. Azdian

    Azdian Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    great .. not :(

    50.000+ to fight over 150 invites
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  9. Kokorone

    Kokorone Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

  10. sonicspear64

    sonicspear64 Level: Éclair

    Shang Tsung: It has BEGUN!
  11. mamosixx

    mamosixx Level: KitKat

  12. jpswer

    jpswer Level: Jelly Bean

    It's all happening ;)
  13. garcer

    garcer Level: KitKat

  14. elessar86

    elessar86 Level: Gingerbread

  15. magischerherbst

    magischerherbst Level: Jelly Bean

    I hope it to be a huge rain!
  16. DaUrchiN

    DaUrchiN Level: Gingerbread

    Contest!!!!! :O
  17. olafdv

    olafdv Level: Gingerbread

    Damned, missed it.
  18. metconnect

    metconnect Level: Honeycomb

    Cool beans. Let it start
  19. Cooklung

    Cooklung Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Finally, contest time!!! I'm so excited, I just pooped a little.
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  20. calvindtrex

    calvindtrex Level: Gingerbread


    Edit: Oneplus as a brand is redefining the smartphone scene. Altho the company is still learning, im willing to stick with it. I believe that oneplus one day will be able to be true contenders to the giants (samsung, apple)

    Being a startup company that has come so far, I have nothing but respect for the company. Kudos the oneplus team.

    Keep up the good work OP :) #neversettle
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