[Contest] Design Your Own #NeverSettle Posters

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  1. Emmanuel

    Emmanuel Administrator Staff Member

    Dear friends,

    As some of you have noticed today, we have released a series of posters making fun of other mobile companies on our social channels.

    Since the beginning of the OnePlus adventure, we have discussed a lot with forum members and smartphone users about their current devices and what could make them better suit usage and expectations. And we thought that expressing some of that feedback in a creative way could be funny!


    HTC.jpg BlackBerry.jpg Motorola.jpg Samsung.jpg Windows.jpg

    Today, it is also for you time to become creative by taking part in the #NeverSettle Poster contest.
    The contest consists of expressing one bad experience or general impressions you might have had with any smartphone brand. Download our plate template and start designing your own plate and slogan!


    The 10 most creative participants will win an exclusive “Never Settle” t-shirts (Fruit of the Loom Activewear), as modeled by our staff members.

    IMG_7091.jpg IMG_7121.jpg

    Here are the rules:

    1) The contest will be held from March 4 until March 9.
    2) Winners will be selected by OnePlus on creativity and the relevance of the message.
    3) The final 10 winners will be announced on Tuesday 11th March.
    4) Each winner will receive two (1+1) Never Settle t-shirts (sizes available S, M, L, XL or XXL) and 3 packs of stickers.
    5) Poster submissions must integrate a catchy slogan and visual elements inside the plate
    6) Up to 3 different and original posters per user (only one prize per person)
    7) Offensive content will be disqualified.

    Looking forward to your submissions!

    Never Settle
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  2. Chinda

    Chinda Highlander Moderator

    I Want one of those never settle t-shirts :D good luck everyone in the compitition :)
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  3. nguser

    nguser Ninja Moderator

    The Samsung "UGLY" poster is definitely the best!
  4. AasifMaqsood

    AasifMaqsood Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    I'll try.
  5. Mark Falsing

    Mark Falsing Senior Moderator

    Great idea, can't wait to see how creative the Guys here are.
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  6. adlibitum

    adlibitum Level: Jelly Bean

    @Emmanuel, how many posters each one can send? :)
  7. nguser

    nguser Ninja Moderator

    Too bad I'm not good at photoshopping!
  8. David S.

    David S. Administrator Staff Member

    Let's say 3 posters each but only one prize per person (I'll edit the first post now :) ).
  9. GregOrevo

    GregOrevo Moderator

    Where can we post them ? :)
  10. David S.

    David S. Administrator Staff Member

    Here, you just need to hit the upload a file button Captura de pantalla 2014-03-05 a les 0.14.31.png
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  11. AasifMaqsood

    AasifMaqsood Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

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  12. GregOrevo

    GregOrevo Moderator

  13. GregOrevo

    GregOrevo Moderator

    Thanks ^^
  14. GregOrevo

    GregOrevo Moderator

    a42.jpg aLG.jpg aS5.jpg

    Cool contest :D

    a42.jpg aLG.jpg aS5.jpg
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  15. sudo-O//e

    sudo-O//e Level: KitKat

    Attached Files:

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  16. Malhar Ujawane

    Malhar Ujawane Level: Cupcake

    Haha! Loved the concept, and made this! Template copy.jpg
  17. Luka

    Luka Level: KitKat

    Here's the 2nd one.
    Not sure if i should do a 3rd :rolleyes:
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  18. Mark Falsing

    Mark Falsing Senior Moderator

    Good job so far fellas, looking good!
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  19. Massimo Visonà

    Massimo Visonà Level: Doughnut

    Here's my entries, hope you like it!

    It drains slower (than your phone)
    It Drains Slower.jpg

    She feels so lonely
    She Feels So Lonely.jpg

    Beyond Passion
    Beyond Passion.jpg
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  20. ΜητΣος7

    ΜητΣος7 Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    oneplus.jpg here is my one...

    The ugliest in Galaxy ???

    Template.jpg Thats my second one...
    i had this idea when i saw the movie ,, GRAVITY ,,...
    It should mean that the battery life of todays phones is so bad(Zero) like the gravity in space which is Zero...
    hope you all understand/like it,because i want one of these T-Shirts so bad..lol

    OnePlus.jpg Thats my third and i think also my best one...

    All together...
    ...Still not better
    OnePlus > All

    edit: why is the Picture so small 0.o
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