[CLOSED] Leaks and rumours about OnePlus One

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  1. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    This thread contains all the leaks and rumours about OnePlus One

    Updated with full res 32s long exposure camera samples on Page no. 34

    Box package

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It's pretty obvious that they tried a lot of designs for the package. Feel free to share your views :)

    Source: http://www.oneplusbbs.com/thread-4942-1-1.html


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    From the picture, a phone with a high-end machine plus the common black PCB, according to the arrangement of circuits and components, it should belong to plywood, higher levels of integration and precision
    one plus the phone is equipped with dual LED flash, but the components itself, it is not the kind of iPhone 5s.

    Source: http://www.oneplusbbs.com/thread-220098-1-1.html
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  2. infernowheels

    infernowheels Level: KitKat

    Daaaamn, that will be packed! Headphones eh..? They could still squeeze that in the budget..?
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  3. GregOrevo

    GregOrevo Level: KitKat Moderator

    I like that they design everything themselves.
  4. Adam Krisko

    Adam Krisko Administrator Staff Member

    That's amazing! Thanks @Akki. You find all the best stuff!
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  5. Akki

    Akki Level: KitKat

    My pleasure, bro :) Sharing is caring ;)
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  6. GregOrevo

    GregOrevo Level: KitKat Moderator

    @Akki is our mole, but shhhhhhhhh, it's a secret.
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  7. kensuko

    kensuko Guest

    Create a new phone brand from A to Z , I think there are a lot of things to show us . We have to stay tuned ...
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  8. scy1192

    scy1192 Level: Jelly Bean

    Cool, we might get headphones. I am needing a new pair.
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  9. alextdarling

    alextdarling Level: Jelly Bean

    If anything came in this packaging I'd be satisfied
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  10. Dkouyou

    Dkouyou Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    It is pretty close to what we saw in the unboxing video from CM. Also during the video, there was sound cuts, maybe to hide the fact that earphones would be given!
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  11. likebutta

    likebutta Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    Earbuds are probably <0.02 USD. Unless they somehow got some decent earbuds, which I doubt, as it would push the price up.
  12. Blazy

    Blazy Level: Gingerbread

    Such attention to detail!
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  13. BlackPearl

    BlackPearl Level: Gingerbread

    I hope it's true ! And if it's true and that we will have headphones.. Awesome ! :D
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  14. caffeine

    caffeine Level: KitKat

    Back curvature of the phone is now revealed.
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  15. only1butfun

    only1butfun Level: Honeycomb

    Good spotting!

    Well, it seems that a new smartphone brand doesn't just fall out of the sky...;)
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  16. wilbarger

    wilbarger Level: KitKat

    Even if the earbuds are not of the best quality, at least they are thinking about everything needed to really enjoy their baby.
  17. DoUknoGreg

    DoUknoGreg Level: Jelly Bean

    The box was already revealed. Here's the video...

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  18. RetroGrenade

    RetroGrenade Level: Honeycomb

    Wow just for the packaging :eek::eek:. Dope! #NeverSettle
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  19. morozsean

    morozsean Level: KitKat

    Looks interesting! Can't wait!
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  20. Azdian

    Azdian Level: Ice Cream Sandwich

    I believe the packages in Steve Kondik unboxing video was awesome.
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