Accessories Preview [Pics Inside]

  1. David S.

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    As we promised in last week's update, here's a sneak peek at some of the accessories we are preparing for the One.

    Note: we literally borrowed these from the product team while they were distracted. They have more colors and much more stuff coming that hopefully we will be able to show you soon :)


    Clear Case and US Charger (a charger will be included with every One purchased, so we can't consider it an accessory, but since we couldn't take pictures the last time we showed you the box of the One we thought it would be cool for you to see it now).


    This is our shiny yellow OnePlus Case, it will not only protect your phone but it will definitely attract people's attention to your One :D


    In this picture, you can appreciate the OnePlus Screen Protector packaging on the left, the yellow bicast leather OnePlus Flip Cover in the center and, once again, the yellow OnePlus Case On the left, the screen protectors and behind our yellow case, the yellow flip cover.


    As we were saying, not everything needs to be yellow, so here you have the orange OnePlus Flip Cover. What other colors would you like to see?


    A close up on one of the details of the Flip Cover.

    What other accessories would you like for your OnePlus?
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  2. Ashbecker

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  3. ycysam

    ycysam Level: KitKat together with the cover, I love the free charger. Any price detail of the accessory?:)
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  4. FXA

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    Wow! Awesome!
  5. Ath3na

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    very very nice :)
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  7. Suneth

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    Droooooling :D :D
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    Just !Awesome!
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  9. riz_o

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    Looking Good...
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  10. Hampa_D

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    an OPO red back cover and I'm good.
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  11. faisalv

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    Love The Screen Protector!
  12. bozuzu

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    flip cover black
  13. SGG4

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    Very interesting!
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  14. FXA

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    I want this covers!:confused:
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  15. zygi10s

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  16. Sparkolo

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    Awesome accessories!! :) I'm sure they are great quality ones since they are official by OnePlus ;)
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  18. Arrjaan

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    I like the flip cover! Nice!
  19. hecthorpe

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  20. norman_p

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    Great! Was hoping for an official flipcover, thank you :cool: