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Discussion in 'OnePlus One' started by Pete, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. Pete

    Pete Administrator Staff Member

    Hello, early birds! You are our first and most important users. Welcome to the community!

    We are gadget lovers who want nothing but the best. Currently there are very few products on the market that satisfy us, but we are going to change that. We're going to spare no expense in our quest for the perfect smartphone. To do that, we're going to need your input.

    In the next few months we want to know your views on AMOLED vs IPS screens, 8974AB vs 8974AC processors, and your views on external memory and battery life. Hardware development used to be inaccessible to the average consumer, but now we are inviting you to participate in these decisions.

    This is an exciting undertaking. We are eager to hear your voice - please join us in our mission!
  2. Derek Ross

    Derek Ross Member

    Thanks Pete. When it comes to mobile, we need a revolution, a different mindset, a different way of thinking, where the carriers don't ruin devices. I can't wait to see what you and your new company do.
  3. Robert W

    Robert W Well-Known Member

    This is definitely something that I can get behind.

    Looking forward to the future.
  4. MobileGdgt

    MobileGdgt New Member

    Excited to be able to participate, I can't wait to see the first product launched.
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  5. Tan Boon Howe

    Tan Boon Howe New Member

    Looking forward to the product! :)
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  6. Yolk

    Yolk Member

    Cheers Pete !
  7. Captain Spaulding

    Captain Spaulding New Member

    I'm really excited to see what you'll be bringing to the table. The smartphone !market needs a refresh, and listening to enthusiasts seems to !e the best way to accomplish this task. Thanks a million for what you're doing here. :)
  8. KOLIO

    KOLIO New Member

    This is beyond cool,knowing that everyone's input will actually be looked at/listened to.
    Let's get this party started.:D
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  9. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee New Member

    I see a few names I've seen from phandroid
  10. Adam Krisko

    Adam Krisko Well-Known Member

    This will be amazing If the end-user actually gets an input in product Development!
  11. Yolk

    Yolk Member

    As a smart phone user , what i want is :
    1.No Apps Manager .---People want manage their apps easily and smoothly.Do NOT make levels like what original android do . All we want is Delete and Create a folder
    2.A FKIN nice OS , no like ios7,too hypophrenia to understand for new user .
    3.A great idea for hard ware . (what u did for N1 is a good example)
    4.Battery Life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST HAVE A SOLUTION IF U HAVE A ABSOLUTELY SUCCESSFUL in mobile phone industry.
    5. IPS screens/Micro-SD slot .and pls dont make it over 5 inch .
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  12. kwei

    kwei New Member

    I suggest the following
    • IPS display
    • having a micro-sd slot
    • base memory as 32GB
    • ~5' inch screen
    • at least 8mpx front and back camera
    • great speakers (like htc one) placed on front
    • quality microphone (like the one Nokia uses on the lumia devices)
    • only xenon flash
    • ir receiver
    • camera button
    • unlocked (bootloader included)
    • a big battery to last the entire day or good software efficiency
    • 4G LTE/LTE-A (global spectrums)
    • micro-usb 3.0 port
    • metal (preferably aluminum or magnesium alloy) case
    • gorilla glass
    • good color combination/ design [highlight design features with complimenting colors]
    • include a flip cover
    • quality software/ UI/ UX design
  13. Andi Sykes

    Andi Sykes Member

    Hi Pete!

    Looking forward to seeing what you and your amazing team have planned!

  14. dracinn

    dracinn New Member

    Finally we have more technology to mold to our liking and not just the OS.
  15. Gary Sahota

    Gary Sahota New Member

    Good luck!! We got your back!!
  16. lona808

    lona808 New Member

    Thank you for this opportunity Pete. Can't wait to see how it unfolds. :)
  17. Kedros

    Kedros New Member

    Hi Pete,

    Looking forward to the device from 1+ !

    Oppo Ambassador (HK)
  18. Ian Gordon

    Ian Gordon New Member

    Unfortunately, you do have a large majority of power users and some that don't care about that just want a "functional" device. So finding a happy medium will be tricky.

    The bigggggest issues to challege for any device is primarily battery life and ease of use. A vast majority of users are overwhelmed by the features, so something more akin to an android iphone combo might be ideal. The ability to change out the battery and have accessories and upgrade-ability are important too.
  19. stanley_opt

    stanley_opt New Member

    disagree item 1. I hate desk without a drawer. I know lots of people will agree you, but still lots will not.
    so, for designer, give customer 2 choices will be better
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  20. stanley_opt

    stanley_opt New Member

    amoled and IPS both look OK if the PPI is high enough
    I prefer phones with external memory card slot
    for battery, just try your best, I have nothing to say, except, if you can find and apply some revolutionary technology
    to be not just another phone
    1. please try to apply some latest and cool hardware, something few other manufacturer uses, such like the "revolutionary" battery
    2. try to make hardware/software combinations that no one ever make, for instance, how about a touch controller on side(rim?) of phone which could be launcher of LMT(find this cool software here: forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1330150)
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